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Hi there folks and welcome to HabsAddict.com!

Like most of you out there I’ve been a Habs addict since I was a kid. Growing up in the 70s, I have fond memories of spending Saturday nights at my uncle’s house watching hockey games with the family. My father was a Habs fan, one of my uncles was a Bruins fan and the other a Leafs fan. So as you can imagine, Saturday nights were usually pretty rowdy!

All the other kids and I would crowd around the TV to watch the hockey game, with our parents drinking beer and cheering for their teams in the background. It’s no wonder, then, that I became addicted to the Canadiens, a team that was winning year after year in the 70s.

While I remember hockey in the 70s, the first cup victory I really appreciated was in 1986, when the Habs won their 23rd Stanley Cup.

I remember Patrick Roy’s brilliant playoff run and Conn Smythe winning form. I remember Brian Skrudland scoring the fastest overtime goal. I remember Chris Chelios, Bob Gainey, Guy Carbonneau, Chris Nilan, Mario Tremblay and the whole bunch of them, take a team that was struggling during the season and turning them into champions.

It’s no wonder, then, that in 1993 when the Canadiens were back at hockey’s pinnacle, I was right downtown soaking it all up with thousands of other Habs addicts!

That was a seriously good time, save for a handful of hooligans…but I digress.

The reason I called the site HabsAddict.com was because I feel that being a supporter of the Montreal Canadiens is so much more than just being a “fan”. Habs fans don’t tend to be the most even keeled out there, often oscillating from total elation to complete depression in a heartbeat. What dictates how they feel is how well or poorly their Habs are playing, just like a drug addict’s life tends to revolve around drugs.

In the summer months, when there is no Canadiens hockey to watch, people lose their minds! They are jonesing. As such, the talkradio airwaves burn up with speculation and innuendo, all because the junkies need their fix!

It’s truly a unique experience being a Habs addict and anyone who is addicted to the team can tell you as much.

Since I launched HabsAddict.com in 2009, I have a different view of the team however. It’s amazing what writing articles and watching the game with an eye for detail can do for ones perspective! As such, I’ve now gotten to the point where goals-for or against don’t get my blood boiling like they once did. I still enjoy the game, mind you, I just don’t live and die by it anymore. That might sound sad but, to be honest, if you are going to cover the team professionally you have to present an unbiased view, and I think that I do.

You might not always agree with what I have to say but you can’t call me a homer, though many do. I call it as I see it, good, bad or ugly.

I hope you like HabsAddict.com and that it becomes a daily part of your addiction to the team. I also hope that you’ll join the discussion in the comment section, on the discussion forum, on Facebook, Twitter and any other way you can reach us.

We’re always open for a good discussion, debate, feedback and suggestions, whether positive or negative. We’re also always looking for good writers so if you feel you’ve got the right stuff, email us at hainfo@habsaddict.com to let us know.

Ultimately, while I have a lot to say about the team it is you, the readers, that have and continue to make HabsAddict.com one of the top Montreal Canadiens sites on the Internet.

So enjoy the site, enjoy the game and enjoy being addicted to a team that brings us a lifetime of joy, sadness, hope and inspiration on a daily basis.


HabsAddict.com Staff
Kamal Panesar - Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Senior Writer

Kamal Panesar was born in Montreal, Canada in 1974. He grew up watching the Canadiens on Saturday nights with his family and gained a lifelong love and passion for the game at a young age. Kamal’s family moved to England when he was six but coming back to Canada as a ten-year-old, Kamal’s passion for hockey and the Canadiens was once again ignited.

Playing ice hockey for seven years, Kamal bounced between being a forward and a goaltender, the latter being his chosen position.

Sports went by the wayside when Kamal moved to Ottawa to go to Carleton University in 1993, only a few months after the Canadiens had won their 24th Stanley Cup. Kamal earned a Bachelor of Arts in Law but, as a seasoned drummer tried his hand as a professional musician in the band The Morningshades, rather than pursuing a legal career. The band had some success but the members couldn’t get along long enough to finish their debut album, splitting in the summer of 1997.

It was at that time that Kamal moved back to Montreal and got involved with his brother’s IT company, Overdrive Communications.

Kamal gained a ton of management and hands-on business experience, later starting his own dotcom business at the age of 23, in 1999. After getting funded and riding the dotcom roller coaster up and then down, Kamal spent the next decade holding a series of management positions in IT and non-IT companies, always working in an executive capacity to drive business and operational growth.

Throughout his business career, Kamal’s passion for hockey remained strong and in the spring of 2009 he started the blog, HabsAddict.com. Using social media and networking Kamal grew HabsAddict.com to one of the top sites on the Internet about the Montreal Canadiens.

Along with HabsAddict.com, Kamal currently does business consulting and freelance writing and is always looking for new opportunities.

Kamal lives in Montreal with his wife, Keren and son, Devin and still plays drums almost every day.

To contact Kamal about business opportunities or freelance work please email him at hainfo@habsaddict.com.

Del Johnson - Graphic Designer

Del has designed the new logo and other images for HabsAddict.com. His work has also been featured prominently on HabsWorld.net. He can be reached at del99@sympatico.ca