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The Bipolar Habs Fan: PK Subban vs Marc Bergevin

by Eitan Calmy

Source: Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images North America
This first edition of the Bipolar Habs Fan will be about how I feel about how Marc Bergevin got himself into a little bit of a pickle with PK Subban’s new contract negotiations.

On May 5th, 2012 Marc Bergevin replaces Pierre Gauthier as the new General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens. His first order of business is to hire his staff. His first real order of business relating to player personnel will be to re-sign PK Subban. This is where things get a little tricky.

Without getting into too many details, let’s be extremely clear about one thing. When Bergevin signed Subban to that bridge contract he should have known that PK would hit the jackpot with his next one.

Bergevin came in and had to play hard. It was after all his first major negotiation as a general manager. PK Subban’s talent was undeniable, but the organization had question marks about his attitude, they wanted to make sure he can be part of this team, they wanted to make sure that he was a good teammate. Bottom line is they wanted to tame him, on and off the ice. Absolutely ridiculous!

Guess what? That’s a load of dog feces! PK Subban was and is a game-changer, he always will be. He can win you games all by himself. So he makes mistakes. Every single superstar in the league is a high-risk player. The key is to surround these stars properly.

Some fans were outraged when Subban was holding out before he signed his bridge deal. “He’s so arrogant.” “He hasn’t proved anything.” “He has to respect the process like all the other players.”
Oh please, spare me with that old school dinosaur mentality. Signing him to a bridge deal was a huge mistake. It was actually more than a huge mistake, it was foolish and the Montreal Canadiens are going to pay for it now.

Mr. Bergevin, how exactly can you argue with Don Meehan? What can you say to Subban or his agent that will be in the organization’s favor?  

This is some of what Don Meehan has to say;
Source: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images N.A.
2012-2013 - 42 GP 11 G 27 A = 38 PTS
-Lead all NHL defensemen in the regular season.
-Won the Norris trophy for being the “BEST DEFENSEMAN IN THE NHL

2013-2014 - 81 GP 10 G 43 A – 53 PTS (5th in the NHL)
PK Subban gets picked to be on the Canadian Olympic team that won gold in Sochi. Although Subban wasn’t a big factor on the ice, several of his Canadian teammates have said that he was an incredible team-first type of guy. (If anybody had any doubts that all he cares about is winning, you’re all out of your mind.)

Marc Bergevin, you have nothing to counter with.

Sign Subban and sign him now!

Sign him for the maximum term and make the man happy. If the market says he’s worth $9.5 million, you don’t have a choice. Give Subban his money.

Oh yeah and give him the C. You, me and the entire Montreal Canadiens fan base knows he deserves the captaincy. He’s your best player (other than Carey Price of course), and he has as much heart as anybody in the league. He proved that he can handle the media and that he thrives under pressure.
Subban for president! Until he pisses me off and I write how we should trade him. #notgonnahappen.
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I'm a die hard Montréal Canadiens fan, but I can be objective and like all other HABS fans I'm bipolar when it comes to my team, so watch what you say!


Risky article title unless you're truly bi-polar.

My comment at 2:02 simply mplies I like S&M as do most Habs fans at If you don't like the direction our team is headed, and who Does after 20 years of Nothing, come visit my blog.

The fact is that Marc Bergevin has done a great job. He has made this team a contender and more importantly, a place where players WANT to come and play, unlike a few years ago when nobody wanted to sign with Montreal. Get off the drugs.

My take on Subban, even though he's my favrite player is what is he worth? Is he the best Dmen in the NHL? I would say no. I think Keith, Weber and even Doughty are better players. Doesn't mean Subban won't one day surpass them but right now IMO he is the 4th or 5th best Dmen in the NHL.

Here's he problem:
Doughty makes $7.0 per season
Keith makes $5.51 per season
Weber makes $7.857

Safe to say that Keith is underpaid meaning to me Subban should be in that $7.0 to $7.8 million. No way he deserves to make $ million more per season than Duncan Keith or $2.5 million more per season than Doughty.

If Habs sign him to $9.5 then they are seriously hurtign their cap for future years.

Bryan, unfortunately what you and I think means nothing. His salary demands are derived off of 1. His stats 2.His Norris trophy 3. higher salary cap = higher salaries. Keith , doughty and Weber would be getting significantly more money if they were to negotiate their contract now.

But Phaneuf makes $7M AAV!!! Compared to Doughty, Keith & Weber, Phaneuf should be making 3.5M to 5M, IMO.
It all depends when you sign your deal. These 3 players signed their deal prior to the new bargaining contract and prior to Roger's big Billion dollar contract. Although I do not dispute their talent and can be compared better to Subban, you cannot say that Subban should be paid the around the same rate. The market has changed since then.
IMO, Subban should get from arbitration, 2 yrs 7.5M to 8.5M, then, leave my friend as an UFA. Enough low balling and disrespect from this organization. Go to Boston, NYR, LA, big markets and they'll respect you and your talent!

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According to TSN article, Subban's agent is asking $9.5 Mil a year for Five years. That sounds way too high.

Three players I expect alot more from this season are Galchenyuk, Gallagher and Lars Eller..It's Gally third season, the #3 draft pick a few years ago, I want results and am tired of hearing about Potential, same with Eller. Gallagher is a 50 point man and pest.

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We are asking fans to Boycott Hockey Inside Out for their terrible behavior of not letting fans speak the truth about 20 plus years of Canadiens poor management..Please join.

Habs are being picked for 7-8th in the East, lack of scoring after losing Vanek from a team already with problems offensively, and Bergevin has done nothing to address a weak top 6.

I would never sign subban. he is not all that. trade him. he is too arrogant

Anonymous, you are an idiot!

MB is making a big mistake with this one. Even with an arbitrator ruling, PK will be pissed. The season will be not be positive when your best D is not happy or have no future with the team. If Habs miss the playoffs, no playoff revenue money. Molson will not be happy. This could be the end of MB if the Habs lose PK in 2 years.

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