Sunday, February 9, 2014

Montreal Canadiens: Love them, and Enjoy the Sochi Olympics

It’s never easy being a Montreal Canadiens fan. In fact, it’s pretty much always an emotional roller-coaster ride.

Even when the Habs were on that winning streak a couple of months ago (it feels so long ago), I was mentally preparing myself to expect the kind of play we have witnessed over the past couple of weeks. Let’s just say that the mental prep failed to diminish the frustration and disappointment while watching our team…tank miserably. Some may call the previous description as melodramatic, but need I remind you that I’m a Montreal Canadiens fan?

I was one of the unlucky fans to attend a game at the Bell Centre this weekend. Sometimes I wonder, why should I bother cheering for a team that makes me want to get a refund on my ticket (although I’ve been fortunate enough to go for free, but you get what I mean)? I deserve to cheer for a team that WINS (I also happen to subject myself to some torture with FC Liverpool…but that’s a story for another time folks). Despite watching one of the more boring games of the season, something hit me…
There’ something so special about seeing a game at the Bell Centre. I have been blessed with a number of opportunities to watch games in the amphitheater, and I have never passed up on the chance. How could I refuse? Lord knows how hard it can be to purchase a ticket, and yet summon the funds to actually seat your ass down (and don’t get me started on the price of food.

MINOR DETAILS (but not really) aside, the atmosphere at the Bell Centre is something people talk about time and time again, and it always lives up to the hype. It’s one thing watching a game at a bar, or at home with friends…but it’s a completely different story watching the game with 21 000 crazy fans (apart from the boring business men who sit in front…have a little life guys!).

21 000 mostly hungry, self-proclaimed hockey experts cheering and critiquing their beloved team is testament to the love we Montrealers have for our hockey.

It would be nice if the Habs could give back. It would be nice if they could play like a team fans should be cheering for. Yes, if you’re a true fan, your devotion to the team is infallible.

Let’s just say that I would be willing to be a crap ton of money to watch them if I was fairly certain of seeing a good spectacle. Despite this mini-rant, I still watch them on TV, read up on the latest news surrounding the team, and listen in on the ongoing debates on Briere and many other issues.

Heck, I even take the time to write about them every week!

Why? Because there is something beautiful about uniting yourself behind a group of individuals trying to restore their past pride and glory. This group of men, whatever their skills or shortcomings, represent an integral part of our city and are an important piece to our identity as a Montrealer.

Even if I told myself: “ Screw this, I’m going to cheer for the Blackhawks!”, I could never genuinely adhere to them. I bleed, you bleed, we all bleed the blue, white and red. Now, after this miniature grammar lesson, let’s enjoy the last game against the Hurricanes before some of our boys battle it out in Sochi.

Sit back, relax, and go Habs go, no matter what.


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