Saturday, February 8, 2014

Montreal Canadiens: Is Giving it Your All, Really that Hard?

Fire Therrien!
Trade Markov!
Trade Gionta!
Fire Bergevin!

Ok, ok, we’ve heard it all the last two weeks so no need to repeat those topics, bottom line Habs are slumping big time and the flaws of these team are more visible now then earlier this season. It’s as simple as that. We all knew what this team was; too small, not enough scoring, not tough enough, blah blah blah. Unfortunately it’s going to take time to fix those areas, and that means Mr. Bergevin is right, we have to be patient. Fine, I can live with that.

But let’s see the plan.

What is this team’s identity? Are they checkers and grinders, defence first, high-octane offense? No one seems to know. But it would sure be nice if someone could figure it out and be nice enough to let us all know in the process, but even more so, might be a good idea to let the players know.

All that being said, here’s what confuses me………how can players look like they are sleep-walking through their games? I don’t get it. If I did that at work, I’m fired. Let’s take Rene Bourque for example (yes I’m picking on him because quite frankly he deserves it). I’m not even going to go after a guy’s salary as it is what it is. That’s the industry; they make a lot of money, end of story.

I’m more perplexed by the lack of effort.

Rene Bourque on average this year plays 15 minutes a game. 15 minutes! This guy only needs to give 100% for 15 minutes per game. That’s it. That’s all. I’m removing the fact that he has practices and he has to work out. Allen Iverson made it very clear what practice really is (24 times in fact) so that doesn’t count.

As for the gym, we all try to go to the gym just very few of us are actually paid to go to the gym, so that’s a wash. As for the other stuff, yeah I know he has to make promotional appearances and charity stuff, yeah ok fine, but that’s not work. His job, for which he is paid for is to play hockey. So if the Habs play three games this week, Rene Bourque only has to actually work for 45 minutes. Wow.

Again I ask how these guys can NOT GIVE ANY EFFORT.

Everyone reading this at a minimum has to work for arguments sake 40 hours this week. That’s a long way from 45 minutes. Let’s put that in perspective; that’s an hour long TV show that you’re watching on PVR so there are no commercials. You wake up Monday morning at 7:00 am turn on the TV and press play on the PVR to watch The Following season premiere you recorded last week and 45 minutes later your actual work week is done. That’s it. Thanks for the effort, here is your pay cheque and have a nice week. Everything else is a wash, we all have to travel for work, we all have to commute, but we still have to work for many more hours.


The sad thing in all this (and this will be my only point regarding his salary), is that this guy has all the tools to be making $5 million per season instead of $3.333 million. Wouldn’t that be incentive enough to give more for 45 minutes?

by Andrew Anderson (posted by Kamal Panesar)


Andrew, great article and welcome to the team!

Rene Bourque is an enigma. He has talent to score goals, we saw it in Calgary. He has the size to be physical, he does so when he wants to be. He just seems to not give a sh*t.

I agree, the potential to earn more for longer should be enough but its not. And you're right. He only needs to give his all for 45 minutes a week, with breaks in between efforts. But he doesn't. His production should be embarrassing to him. That alone should be motivation, but when you know you're getting paid and for how long, maybe you just tune out. It happens in all sports: Baseball, hockey, basketball. Get your deal, get paid, effort decreases. The ones who continue to excel after payday are the ones with the true passion for the game.

Maybe Bourque just doesn't care anymore afterall.

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