Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Montreal Canadiens: The Emergence of Ryan White

How about Ryan White?

The guy that was costing the Montreal Canadiens points in the 2012-13 season with his untimely penalties more or less every time he took the ice. Every time habs fans saw him on the ice, we'd watch with one eye, with that nervous feeling in your gut, afraid of what he would do next to cost his team yet another win. You remember, right? That game against Buffalo seemed to be rock bottom for Ryan, Steve Ott knew it was easy to get into White's head and he did exactly that. Steve looked to be going in for a hip check. Almost as soon as Ott made contact, Ryan assumed it was dirty and off came the gloves and Ryan just starts wailing punches at someone who had no intention in fighting. A 2 minute penalty for instigating, 5 minutes for fighting and a 10 game misconduct.

His night was over. A rough night would be an understatement, when he left for the showers, Montreal had a 4-2 lead. That penalty took away any momentum the Blue-Blanc-Rouge had and it would not be regained. His teammates visibly annoyed with his antics, a coaching staff that was fed up to a point where Michel Therrien had to call him out to the media.

Ryan wouldn't see much more game action beyond this the rest of the season. It was his first one way contract, making things very difficult for Canadiens General Manager, Marc Bergevin. He couldn't send him to the minors and risk losing him on waivers, he still believed in #53. He'd spend the rest of the season in the press box more than on the ice.

September 2013 is here. New season, new look, Ryan White has no hair????. That's Okay, he looks like a real bad ass now, I like it. He starts off season very well, a new Ryan White has emerged. A more calm, confident, and seemingly at peace with his role. Mr. Bergevin had a conversation with Ryan about what he needed to do, and it looks like he took it to heart.

On more nights than not, he's one of the most consistent players, not expected to score but chips in here and there with 2 goals, 3 assists this season. He was told to finish his hits, and specifically, stay out of the box. He's racked up 32 minutes this year, that includes 4 fighting majors. To do some number crunching, that's half the amount of minutes he had last year in double the amount of games, I'm impressed, you should be too. Bring energy to the lineup and he's bringing oodles of it. Can White get any better? I found myself asking this very question, Habs brass answered that question with a big YES, when a trade was made to bring childhood friend Dale Weise into the mix.

The combination of Weise and White hit it off real well from the start, and have the options of Travis Moen, whom also has really picked up his game this year or Brandon Prust onto that grinding line and Montreal Canadiens now look to have the best, most energetic 4th line in all of hockey. A line of players that other teams will grow tired of quick, after only 3 games played before the Olympic break. One can only wonder How good can this 4th line be? Will they stay consistent or will coach Therrien pull off another head scratcher and break them up before they get that chance?

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I think White has absolutely changed his game for the better this year. The dumb penalties were killer at times last year. Buffalo stands out, but he took a bonehead call in a Senators game too that ultimately led to a defeat. Wouldn't say it was the root cause, but certainly opened the floodgates there.

He's playing a lot more disciplined, killing penalties and certainly meshed well with Weise. I have nothing bad to say about his game this year.

Would GM Bergevin at least get off his duff, look at the injuries piling up with the Detroit Wings, and ask Their GM Ken Holland if per chance center Anthony Mantha was available, and if a package including Lars Eller and either a vet like Brian Gionta or a prospect like Mike McCarron could get it done..

I've heard of phishing Ryan Eagle Scammer using Google Maps to reveal the location of a victim, but I haven't heard of scammers using Google Search to find the e-mail addresses of possible prospects for advance fee fraud.

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