Monday, October 28, 2013

Vanek Traded to Islanders

The New York Islanders and Buffalo Sabres have made what could be the biggest trade of the 2013-14 season.

Islanders: Tomas Vanek
Sabres: Matt Moulson, 1st round pick (2014),2nd round pick (2015)

Vanek was the biggest forward name available going into the season as many believed that the Sabres were going to be shopping their assets in order to build through the draft.

The islanders have gotten a player who has played at an elite level, especially considering his lack luster surroundings while playing for the Sabres over the years.

It is a steep price to pay if you are the Isles, Vanek is a pending UFA and there is certainly going to be a market for his services in the off-season, Garth Snow will have his work cut out for him to keep him on board.

The Sabres have done well to receive two high draft choices and a strong roster player. Moulson may have over achieved by playing alongside Tavares, however he still has a strong shot and will contribute offensively. Moulson is also a pending UFA and could be shipped out if there is a demand come the deadline.


Habs need a high level finisher. If NYI can't resign him, Habs can offer him close to the max. Gionta 5 and Markov 5.75 is coming of the books this season. Imagine a consistent 30-40 goal scorer in a Habs uniform.

Next year, he'll be with Minnesota. He went to school there, his wife is from there, he's best friends with Jason Pominville, and he's already intimated that he was going there.

Agree with Habsfan47 he will end up in Minni for all of those reasons, not to mention they will lose Heatley's contract and have that extra cap as well as the cap going up in the first place.

high priced rental for isles hoping to make a splash in the struggling metropolitan division

Extremely high price for the Islanders to pay.
Considering how close Matt Moulson is with Jon Tavares, its amazing they dealt him away. They have other prospects they could have packaged there instead. Buffalo got a steal of a deal.

At the deadline, Moulson will be swapped out for another draft pick/high-ceiling prospect. The rebuild is on in Buffalo.

Who are they rebuilding around? They've been rebuilding with the same GM for years! To rebuild you must change the mindset in the front office: GM and coach must go. Vanek wanted out; the office got a freebies for the draft. Get a new GM that understands money and the game, and you could do well on the draft; otherwise the draft may be a catastrophe.

Regier seems to be great at picking up draft picks for players. A first round pick for Jason Pominville? Really? Another steal here, and more to come.

They just hired the interim coach from last year, even though the fan base would agree with you about getting rid of coach / GM. (My wife is a Sabres fan).

They may try to sign Moulson, if he does well enough, and he grew up as a Sabres' fan. Time will tell...

I have news for loser Habs fans, sure Buffalo is Rebuilding, but imagine that team with all those reaaly good players from the draft Two years ago, then add those two Stud defensemen they have now, as well as Compher, Hurley, Baptiste and Bailey from this draft, and they will have Sam Reinhardt in next years draft..Maybe even McDavid in two years..Habs fans will be looking Up to Buffalo soon enough, as far as Managements go, Gainey and Gauthier were as bad as it gets, Ask Scott Gomez.

No team, not even Buffalo has more Useless players on their roster than do the Habs. Desharnais, Diaz, Boullion, Gionta, Briere, White, players you couldnt Trade for much of anything. Trust me, Other fans site all know Montreal is barely a playoff team, and just like last season, a mediocre team like Ottawa will send you packing again.

I never understood why fans and some media think Habs fans are so smart, when they are actually delusional fools. No stars want to play for your lousy team in your lousy city with all your lousy cultural issues and your lousy high taxes. Your team is a Was been that will never be again. PS Get a real power foward that can score some close in goals.

Wow, where is this hate coming from. High draft choices does not guarantee a good team. Just look at Edm and NYI. All those high draft picks and they cannot even make it to the playoffs. Don't take it out on another city because you lost your best player and is going thru a rebuilt. Hockey fans are passionate about their hockey but in the end it is still an entertainment. Don't make it your LIFE. Cheers.

@Anonymous Where does all the hate come from, well losers like You that jusst typed in the NY Islanders didnt make the playoffs..Er, retard, last year they Did and gave Pittsburgh all they could handle Must be another Habs fan that doesnt know his hockey..

Halak just beat Cant Carry us Price again, 3-0 now when they meet.

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