Wednesday, October 2, 2013

After Just One Game, I am Haunted by the Letter "D"

Ok it’s official, we are one game into the 2013-14 NHL season and I am already stressed out of my mind and agitated beyond words.

I will admit that the Leafs-Habs game was a fun game to watch. We had end to end action, teammates sticking up for one another, some beautiful saves and of course some really nice goals.

But at the end of the day, besides the handful of positives, my mind is full of questions, all of which point to the letter “D”

Danny B

Ok serious question here. I thought I remember seeing Daniel Briere being handed the torch from the great Guy Lafleur during that touching opening ceremony but then what happened?

Did he decide not to dress for the night? I swear I didn’t hear his name mentioned at all.

Brought in to help our Power Play right?


One word comes to mind, ouch !!!

The loss of Emelin and Murray is apparent.

As an overall group of 6 players out there they are small, they are soft and surprisingly they are slow.

With that said, I think that we can agree that the pairings of PK Subban and Josh Gorges, Jarred Tinordi and Francis Bouillon looked good together. If this is going to succeed then they simply cannot have Andrei Markov-Raphael Diaz playing together !!!

Michel Therrien MUST absolutely switch these guys up and fast.

Hate to say it but it’s time to put Gorges back on the right side and pairing him with #79 and let the stud D-man Tinordi play alongside #76


Can some please explain how PK Subban is glued to the bench on the PK, yet the names Diaz and Markov are repeatedly sent out there with a man down.

Better yet, can someone please debunk the myth that Desharnais is either married to Therrien’s daughter or is somehow involved in a love triangle with the coach?

How on earth is Desharnais sent out on the ice for every PP, late in the game when you are in need of a tying goal when arguably you’re two best offensive weapons in the Gally’s receive approximately 12 minutes of ice time each?

I mean seriously, 18.30 minutes of playing time for Desharnais including 3:19 on the powerplay (2nd most on the team by the way) when Gallagher had a total of 11:09 of playing time and tied for eighth on the team (tied with Lars Eller) in PP time with just 1:29.


I’m sorry buddy, but it’s time to go.

Yes you make nice tape to tape passes, and sometimes the forward is even expecting them but you make horrible decisions with the puck, pinch when you shouldn’t and somehow seemed to forget that to score the puck has to be on the net.

David Desharnais

Oh my GOD, two D’s.

Simply put, what the hell is wrong with you?

On the PP you are never where you should be, you cannot win a faceoff if your life depended on it, you have the body of an 8 year old boy, the muscle mass of a jelly fish and actually bring down the play of our top line.

I swear that my 3 year old son would go into the corner of the ice with you and would come out with the puck. I am fed up of the excuse that small players cannot make it in the NHL yet somehow you seem to add fuel to that fire every game.

Here is my advice to you, learn to stay on your feet, learn to battle for a puck, learnt o take a faceoff draw and actually win it because whatever it is that you do, it ain’t working.

I still cannot fathom how this guy somehow led the team in PP minutes among forward last night. Can somebody please explain this to me

The Dane

Finally a letter “D” which doesn’t give me nightmares.

The Great Dane put on a show last night. He was 50% in the faceoff circle, he was [physical, drove to the net and as we know ultimately scored 2 goals and an assist.

However despite this success somehow he was one of the least utilized forwards on the powerplay, was only the fifth most utilized forwards while short handed and was third in ice time among centers.

Did I miss something here?

Eller was our best player last night, so why was he not on the ice?

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Team still misses Yemelin big time.
Diaz was fine.
Not sure why coachs seem to think Eller cant play more than he did and his line was awesome.
Plekanec still cant win a faceoff, no way I would have him take any on the PK, he is super PK player, but not in the circle.
Price made a ton of super saves to keep team close.
I really hope 67 isn't hurt bad.

Therrien's decision making was questionable. Subban is a 30 minute player. He is our Shea Weber. All situations, no questions asked.
I'm a firm believer in pairing a puck mover with a stay-at-home type. Diaz and Markov cannot play together; they can't clean up the others mistakes.
Desharnais has photos. Period.
EGG line will be the breakout trio this year.

Nick the problem is Diaz, Bouillon, subban, many guys here are stay a home D-men? Is the answer to put Tinordi back there and play him on the off side?

When you read the above comments and here things like 'Diaz was fine' you now can understand why the Habs Stink and will continue to stink for years. Simply put, Canadiens fans are Delusional.."hEY, ANOTHER "D"

Oh, And I was thinking a trrade since the Pens are without Vokoun, Habs get Fleury, Kris Letang and top prospect Beau Bennett for Price Andrie Markov and wither Gionta or (Rene Bourque)..Nah, it probably makes too much sense.

We are stuck with players that give us nothing in return for their bigger contracts..Desharnais, Gionta Moen, Mriere, Diaz, Boullion. When the Habs are out of the playoffs by the trade deadline, I suggest Bergevin start getting on the phones and clearing some garbage out, get anything we can for those players, it will also free up alot of cal space. Calgary and Nashville need fowards, oh, Ship Rene Bourque out as well.

Why not go with this lineup since we arent making the playoffs. ..Sounds funny we Used to Contend for the Cup

Gallagher -Eller -Galchenyuk
Bourque -Desharnais Briere

Adds size on the top 2 lines and a third Kid line, since they all look like Kida there..


There is absolutely no need to do that.

Emelin, DIaz, Bouillon, Muuray, Gionta, Markov, Parros, Blunden, White all are without cobntracts next season and bound to become UFA's.

Simply put, this team has almost $30 milliopn in cap space next season and will definitely look to improve.

Relax Bryan, it's only one game and we lost 4-3 not 7-0!

@Bryan: I consider Bouillon closer to a stay at home type than I do to a puck mover. Gorges has played off-wing before, thus I would go with
Tinordi - Subban
Markov - Gorges
Bouillon - Diaz


I'm sorry but your reply gets a D from me as well.


That's preferred D lineup as well

Based on Willey's explanation of things with contracts, e Sill would have Desharnais and Briere on the team next year., Yikes!!

To add more salt to the Canadiens wounds tonight, Vinny is Flying (literally) in Philly , and Bernier is standing on his head. Which means we didnt want to give Vinny an extra year, and are stuck with a Useless Smurf in Briere. Also the Leafs tandem goalies Reimer and Bernier are twice as good as Cant Carey us Price.

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The EGG line and PK SHOULD BE PLAYING 30 mins per game. Let Plaks,Gionta,Briere,Boulian,and Duaz sit a lot more.

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