Friday, September 13, 2013

NHL 2013-2014 Conference Previews - Atlantic

In his final conference preview, Paolo Mingarelli looks at the Atlantic Conference, where he has an interesting take on where each respective team will finish.

Despite the addition of the Red Wings, Cup Finalist Boston Bruins remain the team to beat. The most entertaining battle in this division will come from the Canadian Content. Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal are all clubs that are entering a phase in their history where it will be time to add the final pieces to establish themselves as legitimate cup contenders as the rival Bruins have done.


The Atlantic Division will be very Interesting. What Detroit brings to the table is Two decades of consistent winning, and along with Boston, you can basically put them as Shoe ins to be in the playoffs, at the very least. Montreal, well, that team remains a mystery, how do you win your Division and get Smacked around by the 7th seed.?? Like the year they won the Conference and lost to Philly in Five games . I also agree that this team doesnt seem to be able to draft players that combine Size with Skill, for them it's either one or the other. If this June's draft turns out not as good as advertized, it may be time for Trevor Timmins to go. Ottawa and the Leafs Both could use some help at center, and their success may hinge on finding enough offense from their second and third lines. The two Florida teams are in "Rebuild" phases, while I think the Sabres May have had an incredible draft, and if they trade Miller and Vanek before the year is out, could have more young talent coming up soon than any other team in the league.

Nobody wants to play in Montreal anymore. The taxes are extremely high, there are the Cultural problems (ask Saku Koivu while eating in a restaurant), intrusive Media, so if the Canadiens draft and make bad trades, they are done. Simple as that!!

@ Guy Smith: When a player is signing for millions of dollars, taxes are a non-issue. A good agent is going to use that as a bargaining chip in their salary negotiations anyway. If they need to sign 5.25 million per year to get 5 million per year, they will use that in their negotiations. The media is no less intrusive in New York, Toronto, Boston or Chicago. Philadelphia media is relentless, too. Only difference is those cities have other professional sports teams to cut the slack. Cultural differences, sure. But I have no issues as an English speaker in city, so that's overrated too.

Bad trades and bad drafts doom any team. Sustain success and players will sign. Mike Cammalleri signed over his hometown of Toronto. When the right free agent is available, the money will be offered and accepted.

I happen to agree with Mr Smith, I remeber when the Habs traded Chris Chelios and Rod Langway, Both players made so much more money simply because the taxes were much lower in the American ncities where they played. Nick, you ake no sense.

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