Monday, September 9, 2013

NHL 2013-2014 Conference Previews - Metropolitan

Paolo Migarelli comes east, and takes a look at the not-so-well named Metropolitan Conference.

The old Atlantic has been renamed and re-tooled. Add the Washington Capitals, Carolina Hurricanes and one of the 2 newcomers in the East, the Columbus Blue Jackets. 

Renowned as one of the premier divisions boasting its representation by as much as 4 playoff teams before the merger, they will again be one of the tougher divisions to play in and will make for great fireworks down the stretch.


Horrible choice for name, but very tough division to play in. Going to produce some great matchups.

Gotta agree here. That name sucks ass! Too bad Bettman is making the owners cash hand over fist, or there might actually be some hope of him leaving his post some time soon!

Un Canadien Errant here, I may be in the Minority here, but I believe if the Flyers goaltending holds up, they may be a surprise this season. The Habs will be lucky to make the playoffs however.

Habs fans may be putting down that Division's new name, but I would take the players off Most of those teams Anyday over the Canadien's current roster.
Shane Oliver

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