Thursday, May 9, 2013

Putting Price vs. Budaj Debate To Rest

For weeks, on this very site, some "Anonymous" reader has left comments in an attempt to discredit Carey Price and anoint Peter Budaj as the Canadiens' playoff savior.

Instead of deleting or blocking this reader, who we really do appreciate, we at decided to fight back, in an attempt to finally put this unfair notion to rest.

When looking at Carey Price's numbers in the playoffs between 2008 and today, his won/lost record leaves much to be desired (9-17), which gives him a 0.346 winning percentage. That being said, the Montreal Canadiens have played 46 games in the playoffs since Price's arrival in Montreal. The Habs have an 18-28 record and a 0.391 winning percentage.

Detractors may look at those statistics and say, "So what? Halak took us further in the playoffs!"

On the surface they may be right, but in 19 playoff games that Price didn't play in 2009-2010, when Jaroslav Halak backstopped the Canadiens to the Eastern Conference finals, the Habs went 9-9-1, giving them a .526 winning percentage.

When you look more in-depth, "Les Glorieux"  scored 46 goals in the 2009-2010 playoff run, while allowing 51 against, giving them a -5 goal differential. Halak's GAA was 2.55 with a goal differential of -1 in 1013 minutes of action.

Bear in mind, Price appeared in 4 games, allowing 2 goals on 23 shots in relief of Halak on April 19th versus the Washington Capitals, 4 on 36 shots in his only start of the playoffs on April 21st, 0 goals on 3 shots against the Pittsburgh Penguins and 2 on 11 shots on May 16th versus the Philadelphia Flyers, again in relief of Halak.

How many did the Habs score while Price was in goal that playoff season? A measly 4 goals in 135 minutes (a -4 goal differential).

Carey Price has allowed a total of 82 goals in 1696 playoff minutes, giving him a .905 save percentage and a career 2.90 Goals Against Average. The Canadiens managed to score a meager 68, giving Price a career goal differential of -14.

Some will look at these numbers and still believe Carey Price isn't the answer to a deep playoff run. Let us add some more stats, just to justify where we are going.

In 2008, Price had a record of 5-6, having beaten the Boston Bruins in a tough, seven game first round series, while allowing 30 goals in 648 minutes. The Canadiens scored 33 goals that playoff year, giving Price a +3 goal differential, a 2.78 GAA and .902 save percentage.

If you do the math, from 2009 to today, Price has allowed 52 goals in 1036 minutes of action, while getting 38 goals in support from his teammates. So, in 23 more minutes than Halak's magical run, Price has received 13 goals less in support, while allowing only 6 more goals that Jaro Halak.

Meanwhile, Peter Budaj has appeared in only 5 playoff games in his career, allowing 4 goals on 71 shots, giving him a .887 save percentage and a 4.00 GAA.

All this to say that Carey Price certainly has average numbers in his playoff journey so far.While some try to discredit him as an athlete and an individual, others like Marc-Andre Fleury and Antti Niemi, both Stanley Cup Champions, have similar career numbers. The difference between the three goalies is that Fleury and Niemi played with some pretty incredible teams in front of them.

Carey Price has played for six season during a decade of Habs' futility. As the future becomes clearer while the Canadiens continue to rebuild their franchise to its former glory, so will the value of a talent like Price. Just think, if Price can have numbers like Fleury and Niemi with sub-par teams supporting him, imagine what his numbers may look like in a few seasons?

The statisics used in this articles were found with the following resources:


I know you are but what am I. Price Sux.

You don't even know how to spell sucks, so it seems to me that you're the one who sucks

only people with no gonads post anonymously !!!

The Canadien defense sucks and it starts with the goalie. Guys need to grow some balls, its play-off hockey.

Price has got potential to be a great goalie but right now he's just average. We just need to give him a better goalie coach.

Price has played 4 games in these playoffs and lost 3.

He was BRUTAL in the first game. With 2 INEXCUSABLE goals and 1 very weak goal.

We should have won game 1.

He made 4 key saves in our Game 2 win.

He was BRUTAL in game 3.

And he was weak in game 4. Though we let our foot off the gas after Subban got the ridiculously selfish penalty late in the second which negated our powerplay.

Price, like Fleury in Pittsburgh, and Luongo in Vancouver, is all hype and nothing more. His cool demeanor shouldn't fool you. But bullshit baffles brains.

He, in a word, is a sieve.

Regardless, each series have seven games for a reason. Every team has a back-up goalie for a reason.

We are where we are.

Budaj is our goalie now.

We need three straight wins.


It's time we backed our goalie.

It's time we reached deep and came to really believe what we all know to be true.
Montreal is better than Ottawa. We just have to damn well go out there and prove it.

Hey Subban, how about skating into the arms of the guy that just assisted on your goal rather than skating all over the rink looking for selfish attention?!

You're nothing without your teammates.

Go Habs Go!

Further to what I just said, have a look back at my posts.

When we were between periods the other night, and up 2-0 in the game, I told you exactly what was going to happen in the third.

Subban's selfish and totally unnecessary penalty was the turning point.

He negated our powerplay. He put himself before the team.

When he scores a goal. It is all about him.

Plekanec set him up brilliantly the other night, finding him in the high slot.

Subban SO RARELY sets other people up so cleanly.

We have a great team, far better than you would have us believe in this post.

Price has let us down.

It's time to support Budaj.

It's time to play as a team.

And, when we get ahead... DO NOT TAKE THE FOOT OFF THE GAS... like we did the other night. If it's a conscious decision to "protect" the lead...then it is the wrong decision.

This is the Stanley Cup we're fighting for. Price's "coolness"... Subban's selfishness...and "protecting a lead"... don't cut it.

It is time to DANGLE!

Anonymous sounds like an 8 year old imbesile

You can't possibly be comparing your Price's number to Halak's. I'm not a Price hater this playoffs, I think he's doing fine, but come on, Halak was facing 50 shots a game during those minutes, I didn't once see HIS save % in that write up. I'm all for backing your players but if you're trying to prove a point at least give out all the facts.

To the "Anonymous" saying Price played 4 lost 3 does not know hockey GUARANTEED! 1st off he lost 2 only - 2nd game and 4th game he was very solid! He kept Habs in 4th game and won one of them!

It has not been his best season given! Budaj is not a starter and will never will be!

My bad. Halak's Save Percentage in 2009-2010 was .923, same as his career numbers.

His % dropped to .901 against the Flyers in the conference finals.

But my argument is more about goal support.

My bad. Halak's Save Percentage in 2009-2010 was .923, same as his career numbers.

His % dropped to .901 against the Flyers in the conference finals.

But my argument is more about goal support.

Price's record this season, 5 on 5, is not good.

He is 17th in the league.

Not even good enough to be in the playoffs.

Who can forget the 3 goals on 4 shots against Toronto?

He blamed it on new pads.

Who can forget Budaj's impresseive play in both our wins against Boston this year? One in which Price was pulled and we were down by two goals going into the third?

Who can forget the 4-1 win against Toronto in the final game of the season. With Budaj in net.

Price faced VERY few dangerous shots in the 4th game. to say he "kept us in it" is ridiculous.

He should have had the kicked in goal.

Price is still young, and he's a solid goaltender. But, if he's not 100% for tonight's game, perhaps Budaj would be a better bet - for tonight! Going forward, it's clear that Price is #1 and Budaj a very solid #2.

Anoymous stay anonymous! Besides the Boston games Budaj has faced weaker opposition and has 0.908 SV% - The 4-1 W vs Toronto he faced 17 shots!! VS Pens 3 goals on 9 shots was ok?

Price should of had the "kicked" in goal WTF?? First off it was kicked in, bad D coverage on Tinordi - You have a really good dealer!

If price not hurt in Gm 4 - Habs win in OT - Budaj put puck into his own net!

I will need to have faith in budaj to have habs in 7 but he is NOT a starter! and never will be! He is a back-up

Another point in defense of Price, is its been announced that he has been dealing with a bad groin all season. His numbers and play thru the first 25 games were excellent, its very possible his groin was a factor in this play late this season.

Ladies, gentlemen,

It goes without saying, Mr. Budaj has yet to prove himself in the playoffs.

Mr. Price has not had much luck in proving himself either.

But none of that matters now.

Mr. Price is out.

Mr. Budaj is in.

Of the 280 NHL teams that have found themselves down 3 to 1 in a 7 game series in all of history... only 20 have come back to win.

That's an 8.7% chance of coming back.

The teams that have done it, didn't win 3 games in a row.

They won 1 game. Three times.

Let's agree to disagree on who we believe has the better record in net this year.

Right now, we have to believe in our team.



price has no confidence in himself and the organization.
he should grow -up as montreal demands winners.

if the pressure is to much get out and play for edmondton
or colombus where he can shop without harassment.

find a goaltender with guts. price is to soft to play in montreal

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