Saturday, May 11, 2013

Price vs. Budaj, Prust Is A Warrior, Halak Has The Blues And More...

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Would the Canadiens have made it past the first round with
Peter Budaj as their starter?
I have to say, I haven't been looking forward to putting up today's news and links as it's the first time I am doing so since the Ottawa Senators sent the Habs packing last Thursday night.

The Montreal Canadiens enjoyed a surprisingly successful season finishing second in the Eastern conference after ending up in the basement at the end of the 2011-12 campaign. It's this amazing turnaround that had Montreal fans hoping and expecting the Canadiens to make a deep playoff run.

Instead the Habs lost defenseman Alexei Emelin in the final stretch of the season and things ent downhill from there. It's pretty typical for any fanbase to blame injuries on their team's early exit and so I am not trying to sing that song. The fact of the matter however is that with Emelin out, followed by captain Brian Gionta, Lars Eller, Brandon Prust and Ryan White the Habs were put to the test. A test which they ultimately failed.

As if those injuries weren't enough, goaltender Carey Price injured himself at the end of game four causing him to sit for game five as the Senators handed the Habs a 6-1 beating for the second time in the playoffs ultimately ending the Canadiens playoff run.

It wouldn't be Montreal without a debate over whether or not it was our goalie's fault. Its funny how so many people forget how good Price was to help the team win the Northeast division. Instead they remember his less than impressive overall performance in the final ten games of the season and first round of the playoffs.

I understand that in the big picture it's the playoffs that count, it just get's tiring to always have Price be bashed for the team's failure. The injuries did not help.

So before putting all the blame on Price and making ridiculous claims such as "Peter Budaj would've got us to the second round", take a look at Coach K's perspective on the goaltending debate in Montreal.

Habs And Hockey News

- It's no secret that the Habs need to get tougher to find success in the future, but this article by Dave Stubbs shows that acquiring Brandon Prust last year was a giant step in the right direction.

 - Speaking of goaltendending controversies, it seems former Montreal Saviour Jaroslav Halak may be on his way out of St. Louis.

- Shawn Reznik of takes a look at Justin Bailey in his 2013 NHL Draft Prospect Profile.

(Photo by Graham Hughes/Canadian Press)


what is price record in play offs


great record speaks for itself.

not a money -man

It is really sad that Price got a lower body injury. We just have to trust that Budaj will perform well this season.

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