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Habs/ Sens Game 3, Tinordi Embraces Playoffs And More...

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Craig Anderson will need to be in top form for the Senators to
move past the Habs in round one
The Montreal Canadiens resume their first round best of seven series tonight against the Ottawa Senators at Scotiabank Place.

Brian Gionta and Max Pacioretty traveled with the Canadiens to Ottawa but it's unsure as of yet if they will return to the lie-up tonight.

Whether or not the two top six forwards return, the Habs will need to play the way they did in Friday night's 3-1 win if they want to take the series lead. Craig Anderson will look to bounce back in goal for the Senators and if Montreal sticks to their game, he will be the main concern.

With more depth up front as well as on the blue line, Montreal will need Carey Price to outplay Anderson once again. Anderson finished the season with a .941 save%. That's a record for any goalie who has played at least 20 games in a season.

Anderson no doubt has the ability to steal a game or two in the series - hence the 48 saves in Ottawa's 4-2 game one win - and so the Habs will have to keep their offensive game going.

Habs And Hockey News

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Its looking more likely that Patches will be out of the lineup, but we might welcome back Gionta.

Tinordi is playing very phyiscal and he's the type of talent we need back there. Next year with Tinordi, Emelin and Subban, we have physical players to compliment our skill of Markov and Diaz. Factor in the shot blocking of Gorges, and depth with Bouillon and Drewiske/Beaulieu, we're looking pretty solid. And we should be able to limit the minutes for Markov, as he's showing he's no longer a 30 minute horse.

Today is all about keeping the pressure up and getting traffic in front of Anderson. If White and Prust can continue what they are doing, we can throw off the Sens rhythm and maybe earn a couple of PPs. PP/PK will be the difference in this one, I think.

All in all, looking forward to it!

Next season. Need morefire power. 3 and 4th lines

Price's playoff record:

9 and 16


Self-centred, selfish asshole

The dissension on the Montreal Canadiens is palpable.

The team does not like PK Subban (because he is a self-centred, selfish jackass) and doesn't trust Carey Price (because they have worked so hard this season and he is terribly inconsistent, with 9 wins and 16 losses in the playoffs).

The problem is, PK Subban and Carey Price are close friends. They think they are better than everybody else.

After Price played SO MISERABLY in game 1 of the series, Max Pacioretty (our leading scorer) and Brian Gionta (our second leading scorer) may very well have approached management and said, "If you play Price in the second game, we're sitting."

Understandably, management could not have players standing up to them like this. Like Gomez and Camillari had in the past. So Michel Therrien sat them.

The team rallied in game 2 and inconsistent Price played well (though he didn't face all that much rubber in game 2, he did make 4 big saves).

Now, Gionta and Pacioretty would have to make a decision, play or not play in game 3? Therrien welcomed them back. Subban and Price were not pleased.

Carey Price is simply not the goalie he thinks he is. 9 and 16 in playoff hockey. Budaj had a better record than him all season. (Price lost to Ottawa earlier this season by a score of 5-1, he lost 6-0 to Toronto). Budaj beat Boston twice this season. In one of the games, Price was pulled and, down by 2 goals, Budaj held the fort, allowing Montreal to storm back and win. We all remember Price being pulled against Toronto. 3 goals in 4 shots. We all remember Budaj winning against Toronto in the last game of the season.

Gionta (the team captain) and Pacioretty (the team's leading scorer) know, the team is going nowhere with Price in net.

They stood up to management.

Subban, the selfish, self-centred elitist, is the only player on the team who supports Price.

The team is divided.

Mr. Therrien is handcuffed. Price, like Luongo and Fleury, is all hype. They all have great, hard working teams in front of them, that make them look good.

But the players have had enough of Price's poor play. The two top goal scorers on the team stood up to management. PK, the grandstanding, immature, self-important, egomaniac, sided with his friend.

Now what?

Play Budaj or lose.

Even if it means sitting Subban. Remember, Montreal was winning at the beginning of the season without him.

Sit Price. He simply is not a playoff goalie.

That's my two cents. None of this may be completely accurate but, given the way Subban and Pacioretty were yelling at each other on the bench... I think I'm right.

But, again, this is all just a theory.

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