Friday, May 17, 2013

Canadiens "Have Faith In Carey Price", But...

During his post-mortem press conference, Canadiens' General Manager Marc Bergevin expressed the organization's "faith" in the professionalism and ability of their 2005 fifth overall pick, goaltender Carey Price. However, is Bergevin really expressing the team's feelings, or are they genuinely concerned about the future of their number one goaltender?

The latter may be closer to the truth than meets the eye. While the lockout that threatened this season kept many players off the ice, Price was in Tri-Cities, working out with his former Western Hockey League junior team, the Americans. While we can all assume that Carey's father, and Americans' assistant coach, Dan Price, kept a close eye on his son's work ethic, the workouts pale in comparison to the National Hockey League's workout regiment.

The groin injury sustained by Price (hidden by the team, but not to the fans) in the scrimmage at the Bell Centre on January 17th leads us to believe he was nowhere near the shape he was in going into the 2011-2012 season, where he gained 15 pounds of muscle and looked as limber as ever.

Many question why Price didn't choose to go the Europe and play with any number of teams who were interested in his services. Wouldn't he have been better served playing at a more competitive level than simply working out with a junior team? The skill may not be anywhere near that of the NHL, but it is certainly better than anything a junior team could offer.

That concerns the Canadiens, who will be monitoring Price's off-season workout regiment much more closely than the previous year, where the expiration of the NHL collective bargaining agreement restricted the interaction they could have with the players under contract to the organization.

This off-season will be telling as to the commitment to excellence Price has, and whether it falls within the expectations of the Montreal Canadiens. Marc Bergevin must assess his team and make many difficult but necessary decisions, including the plight of Tomas Kaberle, Tomas Plekanec and others.

Bergevin, although he has resigned Petr Budaj for another two seasons in Montreal, may look for an experienced backup, much like Pittsburgh did in signing Tomas Vokoun to insulate Marc-Andre Fleury. Although Budaj definitely deserved an extension, the team's need for veteran mentoring for Price may just make Budaj expendable in the grand scheme of things.

At the end of it all, everything falls into Carey Price's lap once again. Can he be the consummate professional and deliver elite-level goaltending performances, or will he force the Habs to rethink the goaltending position?


its Bergevin ...not Bergavin .

Can't even spell the GM's name properly i don't think it's a reliable article !!!

Typo's happen, the sheer stupidity of others amazes me!The article was great Coach K!

typo's happens i agree but its not a typo when you repeat the same mistake 3-4 times in the same article...

People need to relax. Price had a very good '10/'11 and '11/'12 season, and up until the last 8 games left in the regular season this year Price was being considered for the Vezina. He'll be fine.

it all comes down to getting in the playoffs. then mb can gauge how well price performs. he's not a kid anymore. time to step up to the level of an elite goalie.i like price, but it may be time to at least draft a goalie who has a future in the nhl.we are talking about the habs.

this is a place to discuss hockey..not spelling i often see some people's comments full of orthographic hockey here..if u wanna talk grammar go elsewhere..thank you..and by the way..Go Price Go!!

People, spell check fails on new computers unless you manually update the dictionary. I know how his name is spelt.

And for those questioning why I wrote this piece, I am a Price advocate. I love what he can bring to the table, but agree he needs to take his preparation to a different level to maintain his previous standards.

He's not a kid anymore.

Agree with you Coach.. Give him this year to see how he rebounds and go from there.. no need to throw anyone under the bus!!!

i think it,s time to move on with price he,s good but not elite playoffs is a time to step up and imo price doesn,t have it in him he will not get to that next level we need him at so time to move on with him

He will be back next season and absolutely tear it up.

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