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Time To Panic? Plekanec Review, 5 Differences From Last Year

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It's up to Michel Therrien to rally his troops as they head into
post-season play.
With the Montreal Canadiens being handed another lopsided loss by the Washington Capitals last night, is it time to hit the panic button?

During the Habs recent three game skid I thought not. It isn't unusual to see a team release their foot from the gas after clincing a playoff spot. Whether it's due to knowing you've got a ticket to the dance or just a matter of trying to remain healthy sometimes a team's willingness to give their all just tapers off after earning the "x" next to their name in the standings.

The way they're losing however, is making it hard to have an optimistic view of things heading into the postseason. Their goaltending is suspect, the defence is a mess and their forwards aren't getting the job done. It's as if the Habs of last year have come back to haunt us.

With one win in their last five games and only three games remaining it's imperative they turn things around right away and find a way to build some momentum heading into the postseason. Being outscored 25-12 in that five game span, is making the Canadiens the team that any team in the East would drool over the oppurtunity to meet in the post season.

Last night's 5-1 loss at the hands of the Capitals was unacceptable for a team who wants to be taken seriously by anybody in the league. With only three games remaining there are no more excuses. Michel Therrien needs to find a way to get his troops to play the way that got them on top of their division.

New Jersey may not be in the hunt for a playoff spot but will relish the chance to play the part of the spoiler Tuesday night. The Jets are fighting for their playoff lives and will bring everything they have to the  ice on Thursday. The Habs final game of the season is in Toronto next Saturday and and they've struggled against the Leafs even in the best of times this season. There is no doubt the Leafs would love to walk all over the Habs one more time so Montreal needs to shape up and find their game fast or their Cinderella season will not have a fairy tale ending.

Habs And Hockey News

- Tomas Plekanec is the most recent Hab in Andrew Berkshire's (@AndrewBerkshire) Mid Season Player Review series.

- Avi Goldberg (@AviGoldberg) goes over the five differences between last year's Habs team and the current one.

(Photo by John Kenney, Montreal Gazette)


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The Leafs will put the Habs out of the playoffs in 3.
That's right, 3. The Habs, for the first time in NHL history, will forfeit the fourth game due to having no suiatable goaltender to play in a professional league.

@Anonymous how can you use the words 'professional league' and the Leafs in the same paragraph? you are a leaf troll that has been under a rock for 9 years only to come out now. Go drink the spiked Leaf's cool aid with all the other trolls. I'm sure there are plenty of Leaf sites where you morons can talk about how much paint to buy for the parade route.

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