Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Roz's Rant: Lyings, Tygers & Prizes! Oh My!

I haven't been blogging as much this year for a variety of reasons, and a lot of that is because there's not a whole lot to "rant" about when my favorite team goes 28-8-5 and catapults itself into second in the Eastern conference.

Who ARE these Habs anyway?

I like them. I like them a lot.

Also I like to rant and debate and nitpick, and sometimes that can be misconstrued as being overly harsh when really it's just my way of having fun and something to talk about other than "Wheeeee the team is winning!" which is also a really, really good thing.

That said, I don't think this team is going to take Lord Stanley's Cup home to Montreal this year. I'd be lying if I told you otherwise.

I would truly, dearly, absolutely love to be wrong and have the Habs turn around and do just that and tweet me a good old "NYAH NYAH NYAH Told you so!" but if I was a betting gal (and I am), I'd put money on Anaheim.

The recent loss of Alexei Emelin from the Canadiens blueline is no small blow. It has been clear for sometime that neither Tomas Kaberle nor Yannick Weber are even part of a back up plan, and call up Nathan Beaulieu is a rookie.

Will Raphael Diaz return in time to help make a difference? He's skating at least, and Rene Bourque looks set to return, so who can foresee the future for the Habs in the rapidly approaching post-season? It will be fun to find out!

There are only 10 games left (9 after tonight)! How did we get here so soon? But the Habs will be playing hockey in May, and if we're both lucky maybe we can even get to attend a game FOR FREE!

Scotia Hockey Club has recruited me to blog about my favorite team as we approach the playoffs. As a long time supporter of Canadian hockey they are partnering with 10 bloggers to promote their High Five Contest, and there are some nifty prizes to be won.

Last week a Toronto Maple Leafs fan won free game tickets. I'd really love to see a Montreal Canadiens fan get in on free game tickets too. Are we not the best hockey fans in the world? Are we not just as deserving? If you doubt me, go ask a Habs player.

In addition to free game tickets, there is also a grand prize VIP package to the Stanley Cup Finals. Entry is pretty simple. Just register and click HERE every time the team scores a goal and voila, you're entered!

The contest is open to all Canadian residents and fans of any NHL team and closes June 9th, with the grand prize to be drawn on June 10th.

And if this blogger gets the most clicks, I just might be able to meet up with you and help you cheer on our Montreal Canadiens during the playoffs! Can you imagine? Good luck and don't forget to click with each goal!



The montreal canadiens are the biggest disgrace to Canada and the sport hockey

You actually took time out of your day to post a piece of trash like that; you MUST be a Loser Leaf Fan. Stay off of our Hab sites and stay on your pathetic Loser Leaf blogs.

habs are the best there going all the way

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