Monday, April 8, 2013

If It Was A Full Season, Things Would Be Different

montreal canadiansThis season started off with a lockout. Then finally they came to a conclusion, and the season would go on with forty some games.

Do you think with a full season the Montreal Canadiens would be at the same position there are in? In my opinion , I don't think so. The Habs are known to perform well the first half of the season, so consider this the first half of a regular season .

Surprises This Year

Many might say being first place is the biggest surprise this year, and yes it is. P.K. Subban is yet another one that really shocked the media and the fans . He has changed his game playing methods, Therrien has molded him into a d-man that has ten years experience already.

The youngsters like Alex Galchenyuk, Brendan Gallagher , Lars Eller just too mention a few have grown into great players. They have been giving the ice-time required to prove themselves. Eller was sitting on the edge of the bench sometime this time last year.

Peter Budaj, a goalie that game in game out has been winning games that no one thought he can win, and not only that he wins them big. Budaj is a great secondary goalie to Price, he his not as talented as other back-up goalies in the Nhl, but he's getting the job done this year.

The management and staff that are behind the scenes at games. Jean Jaques Daigneault, the coach for the d-men, far from others might think, Daigneault has been teaching his way through all the defencemen. His vision is very simple and easy to understand, keep it away from you, dump the puck, get the first pass out of the zone, slow down the game, the d-men keep the game under control.

And finally Michel Therrien, well what can we say . Therrien has brought this group of guys closer than before. He has turned this team into a serious machine that can compete versus the best of the league. Therrien 's
philosophy must not be hard to understand for the players.

On a final note thus being a short season the Habs are on top. If this year was a full season I personally don't think the team would be at the same position they are now.

Terry  Argiroudis


Thats a tough question. If the season started on time I believe the team wouldnt be in first place but perhaps different reasons. Gallagher and Galchenyuk may not have made the opening day roster. Gallagher style of play of being unafraid of getting in the dirty areas is contagious. He is a quiet leader by example. The needs at the trading deadline would be different. However I do believe the system in place and the excellent teaching of team first mentality by Michel Therrien would have still been in place and they would still be in the playoffs easily. If you recall the pundits predicted us in 13th place which is why Therrien should be a strong candidate for Coach of the year!!!!

Oh Well we might have to wait until next season to see these guys perfom just as good as this year. Subban is by far a better player and dman than last year

Bergevin has done a great job! He has cleared out the cancers in the locker room. It is rumored that Cole was very critical of Subban and we all know his remarks about retirement. Markov playing again obviously has lifted the team. They always play better with him. I expected this... I expected it last year and I expect it every year. Hell I always dream for the cup. If they don't win, I consider it a failed season.

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