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Habs End Season On A High Note, Playoff Match Ups And More...

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Lars Eller had his best game of the season last night leading
the Habs past the Maple Leafs.
It doesn't matter whether it was Peter Budaj or Carey Price in goal for the Habs last night, what's important is that Montreal showed the Maple Leafs, their long time rivals and potential first round opponents, that if they stick to their style of play the Leafs' size and strength mean nothing.

Toronto fans have been dreaming of meeting Montreal in the first round because of the way they owned the Habs in three of their first four match ups this season but after last night's game if any team is psyched out it;s Toronto.

After giving up the first goal, Montreal just took over the game. Brendan Gallagher and Lars Eller were phenomenal in leading the good guys to a 4-1 victory.

Gallagher finished the night with a goal and an assist and a +2 rating while Eller notched two assists to go with his goal, +3 rating and a jaw dropping six hits.

Aside from those two standouts, the entire team played the way they have through the first 40 games to get to the top of the division. After finishing the first frame tied at one, the Canadiens came out flying in the third with two goals and allowing only one shot on Budaj.

The Boston Bruins face the Ottawa Senators tonight in the league's finale game and the outcome will determine who the Habs will meet next week. If the Sens win, they will leapfrog over the the Islanders to face the Habs. If the Bruins come out on top they will win the division dropping the Canadiens to fourth place setting up a match up against the Leafs.

Habs And Hockey News

- Last night's loss leaves the Leas heading into the playoffs with some unanswered questions.

- breaks down the playoff match ups that have already been decided.

- The Dallas Stars have fired GM Joe Nieuwendyk and are expecting to name Detroit Red Wings assistan GM, Jim Nill as his replacement.

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The opening sentence of this report is totally wrong. It does matter who was in net last night. Montreal plays far better when Budaj is in net. It changes their whole approach to the game. They play with confidence.

When Price is in net, he's always at risk of blowing it for us. His slow style, his inability to react to change ups, his inability to go from post to post quickly, will cost us dearly in the playoffs.

Remember this, he did not win the Junior Gold for Canada. We won despite his poor play. That shootout went on and on and on and on and on and on...for one reason. He could not stop the puck.

Halak took us past Pittsburgh and Washington. Price's ass was nailed firmly to the pine bench. Where it should be again this year.

Mr. Therrien, I do hope you will see reason. Budaj is the better goalie. He has a stellar record. He's beaten Boston twice this year. And now the Leafs in this very important game. Buday takes us to the next round. Regrettably, Mr. Price does not.

you must be smoking bathsalts!! price is still in vezina considerations, let me guess your from quebec!!? price is the reason we are were we are. open your eyes n watchj the games instead of stats.

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