Friday, February 1, 2013

Patches Skates, P.K. Quick Study, More...

T.G.I.F. HabsAddicts!!!!

Isn't it incredible? Just a week after having an emergency appendectomy, Canadien's winger Max "Wolverine" Pacioretty was back on the ice skating at Complexe Bell in Brossard on Thursday. Although the team officially had a day off, both Patches and newly resigned P.K. Subban were on the ice, going through a light skate.

While Pacioretty isn't expected back for at least another two weeks, history would dictate that his incredible healing ability might say otherwise. Only time will tell, but WOW!!!

And speaking of P.K, Pat Hickey took an indepth look at Canadiens' defenseman's ability to take a crash course in Michel Therrien 101. 

Habs and Hockey News and Notes:

Bryan Murray announced yesterday that Senators' star centre Jason Spezza will miss a minimum of two months because of surgery to fix a herniated disc in his back. According to Murray, Spezza has been playing the majority of his career with back pain, and now it has gotten to a point where he cannot sleep properly, therefore hindering his ability to recover after games.


There are those of us who are part of HabsNation would love for someone to beat the pulp out of loudmouthed Bruins' tough guy Shawn Thornton. Well, last night at TD Garden in Boston, Buffalo Sabres' heavyweight John Scott layed the smackdown on Thornton, for all of us to enjoy.



wow...feels good to watch any Bruin (especially) this Bruin, to get the smackdown layeth upon them.

couldn't happen to a more deserving Bruin. Loved it!!!

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