Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What Are Your Sports Superstitions? They Could Get You on TV.

Hey There HabsAddicts !!!!

Have you ever wondered why NHL teams that win their respective Conference Championship sometimes do or don't pick up the championship trophy?

At the right, Zach Parise, former captain of the New Jersey Devils, refused to even get close to the Prince of Wales trophy, yet still lost in the 2012 Stanley Cup finals to the Los Angeles Kings?

Or why did Patrick Roy insist on never skating over the lines on the ice? How about Ron Hextall's neurotic tapping of his goal posts during every face-off? And really, what could possibly happen to someone who shaves off their playoff beard?

Athletes, whether in hockey or other sports, are a superstitious lot. Baseball players have been known to jump over the baselines, like Chicago Cubs' pitcher Curt Windell. Tiger Woods has always worn red on championship Sundays, but what does red have to do with a sports like golf, which is played on greens?

Regardless of the answers, they will never really make any sense. Superstitions are fragments of an individual mind, where an person's routine has coincided with a memorable moment in their lives. Does spilling salt really bring bad luck? And for the matter, what does throwing more over your left shoulder do to remedy the possibility of jinxing yourself?

Tom Puchniak from PMA Productions is in the process of putting together a documentary of those very beliefs together for CBC. This is your chance as Habs' fans to possibly get your faces on TV. Just think, when was the last time not changing your underwear until the playoffs are over ever get you any attention, other than the awful stench?

Send us your Habs' gameday or personal sports superstitions, and we'll send the best ones to Tom. If he finds your crazy habits worthy of public scrutiny and ridicule, your ten minutes of fame may be closer than you think. Send your submissions to me at and you may be paparazzi-bait before you know it.


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