Saturday, January 12, 2013

Subban Unsigned, Pacioretty A Beast, Three Stars Of The Lockout And More...

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P.K. Subban remains unsigned with one week left until the
start of the season.
It feels good to know that I'm about to post some links about hockey! No more of this lockout nonsense, I have to say it feels just about as good as I thought it would.
It's no surprise really that as soon as the two sides came to a long awaited tentative agreement all the focus in Montreal was shifted towards P.K. Subban. With the season just one week away, nobody in this hockey deprived city wants to see the Habs host the Leafs next Saturday without Subban on the roster.

Subban's agent Don Meehan shot down reports that his client was on the verge of signing a four year $22.5 million contract. whterer otr not it's true I would be surprised if we had to wait too much longer without having the star defenseman inked to a new deal. Signing #76 is no doubt one of - if not THE - top priority right now for GM Marc Bergevin.

The question isn't "Should Bergevin sign Subban?", it's "For how long and how much?".

If the rumors of his four year $22.5 million deal are accurate I wouldn't be too opposed to it. Subban has been steadily improving his defensive game and has shown how much offensive upside he brings to the team. However, with the cap dropping significantly as of next season I would prefer something along the lines of $4-$4.5 million for a two to four year deal. If Subban is to earn something close to the $5 million range I would want to see a longer term.

Four years would also bring Subban straight to free agency and so I would expect to see him sign for slightly less than rumored for close to two years or maybe a longer deal at the price that is floating around the rumor mills.

Habs And Hockey News

- Veteran defenseman Mike Commodore who has been playing with the Hamilton Bulldogs has been invited to the Habs training camp.

- Andrew Berkshire provides his final review of Habs overseas and includes his three stars of the lockout.

- As Dave Stubbs reports, Max Pacioretty took some time to become some sort of beast during the lockout.

- Brian Burke says he was stunned by his firing which happened just after the end of the lockout.


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