Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Subban Saga Continues, Prust' 1st Taste,More...

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Everyone at HabsAddict.com was saddened by the passing of broadcasting legend Richard Garneau this weekend. A veteran of 23 Olympics and former host of La Soirée du Hockey, Mr. Garneau was considered the Jean Beliveau of broadcasting.

With the Canadiens' loss to the hated Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday night, the calls to sign P.K. Subban have intensified. The lack of offensive push by the Habs has fans worried, even if it's only just one game.

Original reports suggested the Canadiens were unwilling to give Subban a long term deal, and the dollar amounts he was asking for. The Habs were willing to give him a 3-year, $10.5 Million ($3.5 Million AAV) contract, while indications were that Subban's agent was looking for a 5-year, $27.5 Million ($5.5 Million AAV).

Now, reports indicate that Canadiens' GM Marc Bergavin is willing to give the Subban camp a 6-year deal, worth $24 Million ($4 Million AAV). Others are saying that Subban is willing to sign for less term, but more money annually.

Coming of a four month work stoppage, and the posturing from both sides associated to it, HabsNation isn't in the mood to hear the back and forth between the Habs and Subban. They just want a deal to get done and move on. There was enough greed to go around during the lockout, we don't need anymore.

Habs and Hockey News and Notes:

- Brendan Prust, one of the newest members of the Canadiens, sat down with the Gazette's Dave Stubbs to discuss his first weekend with the Habs, and the experiences that came with it.

-Rob Elbaz of Montreal Hockey Talk.com takes a look at tonight's tilt between the Habs and Alex Kovalev and the Florida Panthers.


Hey MB dont break team policy to sign this guy, if you do it will be the begining of the end for you in montreal.You will have created a monster and he will eat you and the rest of the team up!

Trade him! He hasn't played in nearly a year, he hasn't been keeping up with his physical conditioning, he is way overated, he has become jaded, he is a selfish and self centered spoiled little brat, and to top it off he isn't even a team player... He's a cancer! We can get some serious value in return for PK right now, so why not pick up a defensive, hard hitting defenseman like Eric Johnson along with a first and maybe second round draft pick? I hear the QJMHL has a lot of talent this year.

You don't trade a talent like PK. You go through the negotiation process and come to an agreement.All the trade him comments come from Bruin and Leaf fans.He will be back on the blueline soon.We don't need another Roy debacle from kneejerk reactions

The lack of offensive push by the Habs has fans worried, even if it's only just one game.


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