Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Survey Says?, NHL Brand Damaged, More...

Happy Hump Day, HabsAddicts!!!

There is no question that this second NHL lockout in less than ten years has damaged public perception of the league. Fans across North America are beginning to look at other types of sports entertainment to fill their hockey void.

A poll conducted between December 11th and 16th surveyed individuals from different six regions across Canada. The poll, conducted by NRG Research Group and Peak Communications, asked "Do you think the NHL lockout will be settled in the next couple of weeks; in the new year in time for a shortened season to be played; not until it's too late for games to be played this season; or don't you care?"

Any astounding 58% of people surveyed said they could care less about the NHL lockout, while 5% thought the two sides could strike a deal before the New Year. Another 8% answered that a deal could be done in early 2013, allowing enough time for a shortened 48-game season. Out of the over 800 surveyed, 25% thought that it's already too late to salvage a meaningful season. The remaining 4% either did not know about the lockout or refused to answer.

The NRG and Peak survey's numbers pale in comparison to the percentage of disgruntled fans who responded to a poll conducted online on CBC Sports. Their survey, composed of ten questions, showed an incredible 68% of the over 7000 respondents believed that the NHL season was already lost.

Habs and Hockey News and Notes:

- While NHL owners chose not to use a report by Level5 Strategy Group to gain favour in the PR battle with the NHLPA, Roy MacGregor of the Globe and Mail explains the survey's economic damage comparison between the NHL lockout and the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

- Cam Cole of Postmedia News looks at how he thinks the dissolution of the NHLPA would result in what he calls, "glorious chaos".

- Episode 10, and the final final broadcast of Montreal Hockey Talk's Lockout Shows for 2012, will drive you crazy with legal jargon and llama flatulence. Join host Corey Collard as he tries to corral Jay Ferrar, Nick Murdocco and the punctually challenged Dave Kellerman.

- The Baby Habs lost another close one last night, this time to the Peoria Rivermen by a final of 4-3 in a shootout. Brendan Gallagher scored in regulation and the shootout, while Stefan Chaput had the other two tallies for the 'Dogs.

- Finally, Dave Stubbs spoke to P.K. Subban, who was busy trash talking about the Tampa Bay Lightning's Steven Stamkos' team in advance of the RBC Play Hockey Charity Challenge tonight at 7 PM in Toronto.

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Nice to see Beaulieu continue his hot streak and continues to chip-in every game.
Dogs PP is as bad as Habs was last year and just a killer to success.

Who will score more, Collberg or Galchenyuk at the WJC?

Will Nygren likely be offered, and accept a low paying AHL contract this sping?

Galchenyuk is the best player in the CHL right now, and he is a year younger than most of the scoring leaders. Offensively elite, defensively very responsible and strong in the neutral zone. Team USA is my dark horse, Seth Jones and Gally wilk be a treat to watch.

I was hoping to see Beaulieu have the same tyoe of success Subban had. Beaulieu has turned it up of late, but its not close to Subban's level of production if its a confidence issue than some more time in the AHL will help I am just hoping that the plethora of talent in St Johns didn't over value Nathan.

St John's is in Newfoundland and dont have a CHL team.

This version of Bulldogs would be killed by AHL team Subban played for, and for past few weeks Beaulieu has been 1 PPG pace, which is better than Subban did.

Subban had 18 goals in 77 games, Beaulieu has 1 goal in 24 games. Even pts wise...Beaulieu = 0.42 pts per game, Subban had 0.74 pts per game.

There's no comparison Anon. I am not saying Beaulieu is no good, but I am concerned he may have been over rated in Saint Johm.

If you can't score in the AHL, it will be very difficult to quaterback a powerplay in the NHL. Opposing pk'ers will just close off your passing lane.

Justin Schultz is a beast. He's almost got twice as many goals as Beaulieu's point total!!

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