Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Player Voting Options, Cleary Nervous, More...

Good Morning HabsAddicts!!!

Another day without any scheduled talks between the NHL and the Players' Association is making fans more nervous than ever. However, some details have emerged as far as voting is concerned.

There are three available voting options available to players:

1) Continue negotiating with the league

2) Sign the last offer made by the owners (10 year term, 5 year max. contracts, transition payments)

3) File Disclaimer of Interest

While players assume that the three options are viable, owners WILL NOT start negotiations again. At this venture, they have tabled their last, and best, offer to the NHLPA. Some believe that the drop-dead date, while not mentioned by the NHL, is already set for Saturday, December 22nd at Midnight.

Many still remain optimistic about the whole situation, claiming all the legalese is just posturing, as it was in the case of the NBA and NFL. However, given the acidic nature of the last two weeks, can the season really be salvaged?

Habs and Hockey News and Notes:

- As players vote, Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press tells us how Dan Cleary of the Red Wings is nervous about what the outcome of the voting will be.

- TSN legal analyst Eric Macromalla explains the details of the NHL's lawsuit and what may be next for both sides.

- ESPN's Pierre LeBrun gives us his take on the state of NHL labour negotiations, and how he lays the blame on both sides in what he calls "the most illogical and incomprehensible labour dispute in the history of pro sports."



Almost 5 months of this broken whiney record playing over and over is enough.

Someone please put that dead horse out of it's misery already!

Surely you can find something else to write about Coach?

Go Dogs go!

@anon: Ya, it's pretty tiresome, to be sure...but I think Coach is just reporting what is being said out there.

Nothing wrong with that!

But you want something interesting to talk about...how about how Alex Galchenyuk is absolutely ripping up the OHL right now.

This kid looks like he will be a superstar in the NHL some day...

Kamal, i know Coach is simply passing on the gossip of the day, but begining to be like nails on a chaulkboard.

No reason it cant be treated exactly like NBA was last year...and simply ignored.
Lots of other hockey to be covered, how bout the Blades, Kamloops, Bulldogs, WJC, Plekanec, etc
Give us gossip/stats/reviews about SEL/KHL, lots of options.

I'll do my best. In recent days, I've tried to encorporate some news from the OHL and AHL, but there isn't much there other than Gally's dominance.

And talking about the KHL, a league that a majority of people could care less about, is maybe a once a week thing.

And bear in mind, I can't quit my day job...Yet! :-)

No offense coach, but its been almost 5 months of same rhetoric.
Am opposed to anyone promoting more of it.

When season is finally cancelled in a few weeks, i hope the NHL and PA can finally bicker in private (i know blowhard Doug McLean and others wont let that happen, need to justify paycheque/fill blogspace) and we can move on to actually hockey being played.

I and likely majority could care less if players vote 25% 50% or 95% on whatever they are voting on (which may be meaningless), or if owners get 50 or 55% of $$ It is their business what they agree to pay their employees.

I was also just chuckin out options, i know AHL/KHL/SEL/NCAA/CHL/2013 Prospects holds little interest to most, but it is actual hockey and not cricket-soccer-bowling etc (Not that there is anything really wrong with those, other than the boring part).


No offense taken.

I haven't looked at reporting about prospects, because what they do it Junior pales in comparison to the WJHC. Top prospects that play in that tourney normally stand out, so I'm only going there after it's over.

I like the NCAA idea, though. It's been a while since I covered the Beanpot Tourney. Might actually give it another chance this year. I agree, it's great hockey.

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