Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NHL Talks "Cautiously Optimistic", Markov's Gordie Howe Hat Trick,More...

Good Hump Day HabsAddicts!!!

On a day where nobody was expecting any type of progress in the NHL labour negotiations, it seems that some kind of headway has been made.

Both sides were reported as being cautiously optimistic , as far as any progress in yesterday's meetings were concerned. While no details have been released about the meetings, things went so well that the NHLPA held a conference call with it's members during the dinner break.

Who was responsible for leading the charge? Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review tell us that the Pittsburgh Penguins' duo of Rob Burkle and Sidney Crosby led the way.

And for those that are curious,'s Sarah Goldstein provides us with a list of all the players in yesterday's negotiating session. 

Players and owners are scheduled to meet again this morning at 9 AM, prior to the 11 AM NHL Board of Governors meetings. Gary Bettman is scheduled to speak to the media at 1 PM, however that may be delayed should there be further talks between the two sides.

Habs and Hockey News and Notes:

- Corey Collard of Montreal Hockey Talk was joined by Jay Ferrar, our own Kamal Panesar and JD on the latest Lockout Show to discuss the lockout as live updates came in on Twitter.

- Andrei Markov enjoyed another first in his career while playing in the KHL...A Gordie Howe hat trick!!! The Montreal Gazette's Dave Stubbs looks at this unique event for the Habs' Russian rearguard.

- Alex Kovalev is returning to the Bell Centre for the All-Star Classic. Brenda Branswell of Hockey Inside/Out explains.

- And to finish on the lighter side of things, CBC Sports posted an Associated Press report on how actor Mark Wahlberg challenged Tie Domi to a boxing match. 


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