Friday, December 7, 2012

NHL Labour Talks Implode, Player Reactions, More...

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After the last 2 1/2 days of negotiations, between the NHL and Players' Association, most people were under the impression that a deal might be eminent. While details were hard to come by, it seemed that, up until Wednesday night, the amicable nature of the talks might lead to a resolution.

Enter Thursday, when NHLPA Executive Director Donald Fehr submitted a proposal to a diminished NHL contingent, made up of only Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly and NHL Legal Council Bob Batterman. That was the first sign of things to come.

At 6:30 PM, Fehr, with his group of players in tow, addressed the media and gave the impression that the two sides were closer than ever to a deal. He neglected to tell those in attendance and those watching at home that he made modifications to parts of the NHL's last offer that the league wasn't willing to move on. He answered a few questions, and that when the real fun began...

Katie Strang explains what happened last night in excruciating details. 

Habs And Hockey News and Notes:

- While going over every Twitter feed to show how frustrated people are is near impossible, Jordan Shifman of CBC Sports give us a glimpse at the online reaction of some NHL players.

- Pierre LeBrun of ESPN, who has been the eternal optimist during these labour negotiations, vents his frustration at the lack of progress in what he feels was a mathematically fixable situation.

- With all the negativity in the air after yesterday's turn of events, the Canadian Press reports on Habs' prospect Alex Galchenyuk, who was stellar in a Sarnia Sting 3-0 win over the Saginaw Spirit.


Wow.....what a mess.

I am starting to think that Fehr really does not want a deal.
I hope reality sets in soon for the players, the owners always get the final say in any business.
The deal on the table is reasonable and should be voted on.
If they piss them off enough and the 300M is off the table permanently then when they do sign they will be making a whole lot less than this deal offered.
They just burnt the reasonable owners badly and now have probably had them join the hawks in the quest to crush the union into submission.

Fehr is starting to make Bettman look good by his nonsense statements that are so full of sh.. he should be up for an Academy Award.

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