Tuesday, December 11, 2012

NHL Games Cancellec Through Dec. 30th, Fans Don't Care, More...

Good Morning HabsAddicts!!!

As expected, the National Hockey League cancelled games through December 30th. Why not just go into the New Year, you ask? If you think about it, with NHL players spread across the globe, a perspective one week training camp (should they sign a deal), and the holiday season approaching, would the season be able to start before that? I doubt it.

I spend a lot of my time trolling Twitter, especially looking at the #NHL hash tag for interesting news and views. Aside from the annoying "All I Want For Christmas is the NHL" tweets, there are many people voicing their discontent with the current labour strife.

CBC Sports conducted a poll that shows where 55% of people voted they have lost interest in the best league in the world. If you add the other 35+% who don't think there will be a season, and the feelings of the NHL's faithful become painfully clear.

Well fans, while I understand your pain, I don't agree why you in the least. And neither does Scott Burnside of ESPN, who explains his belief that the NHL lockout will end...really.

Habs and Hockey News and Notes:

- For those of you who think that enforcers are no longer needed in the NHL, Jeff Z. Klein of the New York Times show you how Kevin Westgarth of the Los Angeles Kings brings more to the table than his fists.

- Ian Mendes of Postmedia News wonders if the elder statesmen of the NHL will suffer from a shortened season as they did in the lockout of 94-95.

- Surely you've heard the words "disclaimer of interest" in reference to options available to the NHLPA? Here is a piece from the Orlando Sentinel, originally published during the NBA lockout, that explains its application.


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