Saturday, December 15, 2012

NHL Files Lawsuit, Subban Guarantees Season, Galchenyuk Highlights And More...

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Gary bettman and the NHL have filed a class action suit against
the union and 36 players
 Welcome to the Saturday morning roundup, lawsuit edition! "Decertification" as well as "disclaimer of interest' have been the themes of discussion for quite some time around the NHL recently and so it seems it is time to move on to the next.

With rumblings from the NHPLA side that a disclaimer of interest could be on the way, the NHL fired a pre-emptive legal shot with a 43 page class action lawsuit against the union and 36 players. Now while I may have come to accept this mess that the NHL is in, I am in no way looking forward to all the legal mumbo jumbo that is about to take place.

I understand that hockey is a business and that these steps are necessary given the situation. However it will be hard to enjoy it nearly as much as I have in the past after seeing it take place in a court room rather than on the ice.

For more of an understanding of the NHL's move, here's an article by Elliot Friedman.

With all that's been happening, do you think the latest legal moves will end the season for good or can any of the season be salvaged as was the case for the NBA and NFL, 66 games and a for the former and a full season for the latter?

Habs And Hockey News

- Our Own Fred Poulin (@FredPoulin98) focuses on NHL players that have paid the price over the last two lockouts.

- Here is Andrew Berkshire's Habs Oveseas and Prospects Week 12 report.

- You have to love P.K. Subban's optimism. Still without a contract, Subban guaranteed there will be a season on Friday's Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast.
- As much as these legal proceedings getting in the way of hockey may bring you down, do you know what tends to cheer me up? Alex Galchenyuk highlights. Gally enjoyed a three point night with two goals and a helper in a 4-2 win last night over the Guelph Storm.

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