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Hainsey Risking Career, Habs Overseas, Alfie's Doubts And More

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Jets defenseman Ron Hainsy may be putting his career
in jeopardy
The more and more you look into the lockout mess it's easy to get caught up in what you think the owners are fighting for and what you think it is the players want. Looking at this mess as a whole it's easy to see what is wanted by either side as a group but it's also easy to lose track of what individuals have to lose.

When I say this I am mainly referring to the players. When an agreement is reached the owners will go back to making their millions/billions of dollars. For the most part the players will also resume collecting their hefty paycheques. For some though, it's not that simple.

Of course players who don't fall under superstar status or even the so called "middle class" will be less fortunate. Some players will be left without contracts because teams simply can't afford them due to cap restrictions. Others however may have to pay due to their stance on the current situation.
In an article put out yesterday by Elliot Friedman, it was said that Winnipeg Jets defenceman Ron Hainsey may never get another contract because of the part he's played in this lockout.

Hainsey made a claim that the owners threatened to pull a potential deal off of the table last week if union leader Donald Fehr was brought into the room. That claim was denied by NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly.

There have been rumblings since this claim that after his existing contract, Hainsey will never again play in the NHL.

While nothing has been confirmed, it seems the players need to remember that at the end of the day the owners at the other side of the table are the same people who employ them. While taking a stand is one thing, is it worth it for these players to risk their career's over an argument that may put them out of a job?

Habs And Hockey News

Andrew Berkshire returns with week 11 of his Habs Overseas and Prospects report.

- Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson doesn't feel a deal is close.

- Three months into the lockout NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr feels a deal can still be reached.

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