Thursday, December 6, 2012

CBA Talks Run Late, Pizza Anyone?, More...

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After staying up for most of the last two nights, information from the Westin New York Marquis hotel has been scarce. Once again, NHL owners and 19 players met for another marathon session of talks. Along with the Pittsburgh Penguins duo of Crosby and Burkle, it seems Michael Cammalleri has also been a positive influence on these current negotiations.

The situation went from "cautious optimism" to "cautious pessimism", as most believe that this negotiation has reached a critical stage, and the slightest misstep by either side could result in a possible deal imploding. However, approximately 60% of the members on both sides support the deal. There are still a few hardliners left.

Katie Strang goes over the particular details that were discussed yesterday, including length of contract issues, and how the owners met the players halfway on the "make whole" provision. 

The biggest news that came out of today's talks was the fact Twitter went viral as the NHL's podium (or lectern) was setup.

The other news come courtesy of Pierre Lebrun's Twitter feed:

"@Real_ESPNLeBrun: Steve Fehr has come out and offered slices of pizza to the media. He's catching on..."

"@Real_ESPNLeBrun: Here's the proof"

Habs and Hockey News and Notes:

- Hockey Inside/Out's Brenda Branswell reports on the Quebec Labour Board postponing their meeting with the NHL as talks continue. 

- Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy elaborates on how many games might be played, should the lockout end. 

- Detroit fans were happy as the Red Wings got good news concerning their quest for a new arena, as reported by the Associated Press.

(Photo: Matt Cade/TSN)


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