Saturday, November 3, 2012

WC Cancelled, Habs Prospects To Watch, CHLPA And More...

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Well by now you undoubtedly have heard that the 2013 Winter Classic that was to be between the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs has been cancelled.

Although by now, you should not really be surprised. At the beginning of this whole lockout debacle, I was sure that we would see hockey by January 1st latest. The Winter Classic, in my mind, was something that could not be tampered with. I say this not because the game means anything to me, the game in fact means nothing to me. I say it simply because I couldn't see the league throwing away that much (more) money over the labor dispute.

With already millions of dollars lost and both sides involved proving that they each have abnormally large bladders in what has become nothing more than a pissing contest - I apologize for being crude, but urination contest just didn't have the impact I was going for - why not throw away the league's biggest event?

The game may just be a cash grab and annual attempt to sell the sport to an audience they will never win over, but for local residents and children who love the game the Winter Classic can be somewhat magical. For local businesses it can be something that brings in more money in one week of events than they normally make over a span of a couple of months, maybe even the rest of the year.

And so why not take it away?

It seems considerate of the league and players to hold out long enough to prove the remaining naive fans that they actually matter. I wish I still had the burning passion for the game I cherished growing up that would cause me to be upset over this but the truth of the matter is I don't.

The game will be held next year and I can wait. To be honest with you I probably won't even watch, and not because of bitterness but mostly because the whole thing seems like a circus to me. I'll never see the logic in making an outdoor game played on bad ice and possibly in a snowstorm count for the same two points as every other game.

But then again I don't see much logic in anything that involves the NHL these days.

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