Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Simulated NHL Seasons, Mathieu Darche, Blake Geoffrion, More

Good AM!

For those of you who view this morning column regularly enough, you probably have noticed that I have never linked to Hockey Inside/Out or ESPN's simulated hockey seasons.


Because I really don't care.

I don't check the simulated scores. I don't read articles about the topic. Personally, I have a hard time understanding why there would even be interest in these virtual campaigns.

What about you?

Habs and Hockey News

- While being interviewed on l'Antichambre, Mathieu Darche claims he still believes in a December 1st start to the NHL season.

- Also over at RDS, Bertrand Raymond has a slightly soapy piece on Blake Geoffrion, his family and his recent injury. 

- The writer's at HabsWorld pick sides in the NHL-NHLPA debate.

- Goaltender Scott Darling, who has played two games with the Wheeling Nailers this season, has been given a professional tryout with the Hamilton Bulldogs.


Honestly, I glanced at the sim-league once and don't really care. If i wanted to sim the season, I'd play NHL 13. I won't buy it on principle.

Glad to see Blake is recovering, scary injury. I've seen a good friend suffer a skull fracture in a baseball game. Dangerous and scary, even if he did skate off under his own power. Speedy recovery!

Haven't kept up here too much, lack of hockey = lack of talk. Take care, Kamal!

Waste of time. If you are interested in that you are probably interested in Soap Opera's as well.


It is hard to find the motivation to keep up with hockey news when all you see is lockout mumbo-jumbo, isn't it?


What? Are you saying Days of our Lives is not top-notch television?

How dare you! ;)

@Louis -- I've followed the AHL, I live right by Hamilton so I enjoy Bulldog games and have for years. But there isn't enough coverage up here about them. And yes, frankly, I could care less about millionaires feuding with billionaires about money.

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