Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sabres University, Bettman Needs to Go, Habs Prospects Report And More...

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Terry Pegula, owner of the Buffalo Sabres, seems to have found a way to keep his staff busy during this prolonged lockout. On Tuesdays and Thursdays in November, team staffers will be attending "Sabres University".

Sabres staff will be taking courses such as "Salary Cap and Player Transactions", "Media Buying" and  "Fitness and Nutrition" among others. The courses are all taught by Sabres employees and even Pegula's wife, Kim teaches "What Ownership Means" a course that is aimed to "reinforce the Sabres' orgazational philosophy, and the mission of the company and our ownership as a whole".

Classes are worth three credits and thirty credits are needed in order to pass the November semester.

I have to say that this is probably the most interesting article I've read during the lockout. While it sounds like something you would see in a movie, I'm curious to see whether or not it makes an impact when the game returns.

It's hard to see it doing any damage so it's definately worth a shot. Not only do employees not lose their jobs during the labor negotiations but they also get the oppurtunity to learn from each other to become better at what they do. An interesting approach.

I am for this little project and honestly think it wouldn't hurt more teams to follow suit. Do you think this will make a noticable difference on the organization or is it more of a movie storyline where a non playoff team betters themself in an unheard of fashion during a lockout only to return and become champions?

Habs And Hockey News

- It's no secret that Bettman needs to go for the good of the NHL, but here is a great read on why.

- The NHL and the NHLPA have tentatively agreed to meet tomorrow to resume talks just five days after Commissioner Bettman suggested the two sides take a two week break.

- With the assumption that these talks will go nowhere, is it time for a new voice in the labor talks?

- It was an eventful week for Habs prospects as you can see in Andrew Berkshire's Overseas Habs and Prospect Report 8.

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