Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Phoenix In Jeopardy Again, Thoughts on Mediation, More

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As if the drama of the NHL lockout isn't enough to drive deprived fans batty, the Phoenix Coyotes' saga came to the forefront again.

Although Glendale's new mayor, Elaine Scruggs, was against the proposed lease agreement and attached payment to Greg Jamison, Glendale city council voted 4-2 in favour of the deal.

While the sale is still pending approval from the NHL Board of Governors, will this deal guarantee that the Coyotes will remain long-term residents of Arena, or is relocation of the franchise still in the cards?

Habs and Hockey News and Notes:

- ESPN's Lester Munson tells us why he thinks having mediators between the two sides of the NHL labour dispute is a positive.

- And to look at the other side of the mediation coin, Jesse Spector of the Sporting New takes the pessimist's perspective.

- Montreal Gazette sports editor Stu Cowan explains why Gary Bettman has become hockey's biggest nemesis.

- Puck Daddy's Greg Wyshinski takes a look across the Atlantic at the success of Boston Bruins' forward Tyler Seguin, who is spending the lockout dominating in Switzerland.


it is hard to blieve someone even prints Jack Todd's inane ramblings?
The owner's 'spokesman-mouthpiece' is just doing as he is told by his bosses and he is paid very well to take a lot of flack for them.
Not sure why some think a different spokesman/lawyer to represent the owners, would do or say anything different.
Same as some of players taking personal shots at him, childish?
They should know better, but then again, most NHLers barely graduated from high school, so i guess is to be expected.

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