Friday, November 16, 2012

NHL Requests Break, Financial Damage, Saku Koivu, More

Gary Bettman - NHL Media Availability
Happy Friday.

Or not.

It seems that the NHL has proposed that they and the NHLPA take a two-week break from negotiations.

A dumb idea if I ever heard one.

The owners will bleed fans and sponsors as this drags on. It is simply unrealistic to expect the level of forgiveness seen in 2004-05.

And the players are losing money they will never get back. As Mark Recchi pointed out earlier this week, "No matter what the system is, or has been, the players get their money. No matter what the contract, the owners always find a way to pay them more. That's why I say, get a deal and get back in there...the money's always there."

Get to the table. Get it done so we can all write about something else. Like, you know, Andrei Markov getting injured or P.K Subban being unsigned.

Habs and Hockey News

- USA Today's Kevin Allen tracks the financial damage of the current lockout while Adam Proteau wonders what kind of legacy the NHL's owners are leaving behind.

- Laura — a.k.a The Active Stick — writes about how Saku Koivu's heroic return helped make her a hockey fan for life. A story which I, and many others, can certainly relate to.

- Cam Fowler and Niklas Grossman are headed to Sweden.

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You know Louis, that Canadian fans will still fill the rinks next fall(could care less about weak USA franchises, would love to see maybe 10 of them fold up tomorrow actually).
Legacy of lock out,minimal and will be forgotten quickly.

Go Bulldogs go.

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