Saturday, November 24, 2012

Decertification, Plekanec on Cole/Hamrlik Feud, Galchenyuk Dominating And More...

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Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres
supports decertification.
 As of yesterday, the NHL cancelled all games through December 14th as well as the 2013 All Star game. While nobody really cares about the All Star game, it's quite discouraging to see yet another two weeks be erased from the season.
With the latest block of cancelled games the new talk of the lockout has become decertification. It seems that the term "decertification" has been popping up just about everywhere over the past few days.

Basically what decertification means - or at least from what I understand - is that the NHLPA would disband and the players would no longer be unionized. In doing so the players would be able to file an anti-trust lawsuit claiming the lockout as an "illegal group boycott".

By doing this however, the players would be losing anything that is awarded to them through a CBA such as guaranteed contracts, health benefits, pensions etc... Despite the potential drawbacks, Buffalo Sabres netminder, Ryan Miller has publicly endorsed the idea.

This tactic is said to be feared by the owners but is also an all or nothing type of move. If the players were to go through with decertification and have it not work, they would lose any leverage at the bargaining table and be completely at the mercy of the owners.

For better understanding of decertification, here is a link to a decertification Q&A by Elliotte Friedman.

With a possible cancellation of the entire season seeming closer with each passing day, do you think the players should go through with the decertification process?

Habs And Hockey News

- Dave Stubbs of the Montreal Gazette spoke with Canadiens forward Tomas Plekanec about the Hamrlik/Cole feud and more importantly, Plekanec's dwindling supply of turtlenecks.

- Alex Galchenyuk continues to dominate in the OHL and Charles Hudon is climbing the QMJHL scoring chart as Andrew Berkshire points out in his week 9 Overseas Habs and Prospects Report.

- With more on Galchenyuk, Neate Sager of Yahoo Sports writes how the Sarnia Sting captain is having an MVP type season. The video evidence is quite reassuring.

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images North America)


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