Saturday, November 17, 2012

Daly/Fehr Talk, Politics in Sports, Kane Leaves KHL And More...

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Just days after league commissioner Gary Bettman suggested the two sides take a two week break from negotiations, it seems the two sides have resumed talking. While there were no negotiations Deputy commissioner Bill Daly spoke over the phone with special councel Steve Fehr.

The two were expected to speak more over the weekend about further steps in bargaining talks.

With every article I read on this topic I can't help but notice words like "optimistic", "progress" and "positive results". And each time I see these terms I can help but wonder, who is buying this?

When you have one side that seems to have made it's best offer by giving up a billion dollars worth of concessions and another that would prefer to take a break rather than continue to work towards common ground, how can you see an end in sight?

After going over that last paragraph I realize it looks like I'm taking the players side. I'm not. I don't back the players and I in no way back the owners. In fact, I'm not even on the fans side.

At this point how can I feel bad for fans? If it's been this long and you haven't found anything in life to keep you busy Saturday nights then perhaps the lockout isn't your biggest problem. Go to dinner, catch up with friends, spend time with your family...

I refuse to feel pity for anybody who follows this lockout too closely. Both sides are trying to win sympathy and too many fans are falling for it. Just sit back and let the billionairs argue with the millionairs and when they finally agree on what to do with your money then turn the game on. Or don't.

Personally, I will. I love the game. If they take another season to figure this whole mess out I will still return when hockey does. I just refuse to make my non hockey life about waiting for it's return and falling for every line I'm fed by either side.

And with that said I apologize for the bitterness. I don't mean to start your Saturday morning with negativity, I have just become fed up with how too many (not all) fans have fallen victim to false hope. I don't blame anybody for being opinionated, I just feel bad for anybody who thinks that what they think about this mess matters. It doesn't. Your money matters, the owners and players can whisper all the sweet nothings into your ears to win you over but the bottom line is they don't care. Whether or not we forgive and forget doesn't mean anything to them as long as they get paid. And they will.

Habs And Hockey News

- Avi Goldberg (@avigoldberg) featured writer over at takes an interesting look on politics, sports and the lockout.

- It seems the KHL was too much for Winnipeg Jets forward Evander Kane.

- TSN reports that Philadelphia Flyers owner Ed Snider may be getting tired of the lockout.

- Habs prospect Brendan Gallagher's two goals lead the Bulldogs to a 6-3 win over the Toronto Marlies last night.


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