Thursday, October 18, 2012

NHLPA To Respond to NHL Offer, Andrei Markov May Not Return, More

Andrei Markov - Tampa Bay Lightning v Montreal Canadiens
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The NHLPA is expected to respond to the NHL's latest offer this afternoon.

Many have done their best to temper the general enthusiasm over the offer. Some players still feel much work needs to be done on the current offer while our Sean Lloyd wonders if this deal is nothing more than a PR move by the league.

Either way, we will find out more as the hours unfold.

Habs and Hockey News

- Andrei Markov claims he is not sure he will return to the NHL should the lockout end. What a slap in the face that would be given the fact he is healthy for the first time in two years.

- Ken Campbell and Stu Hackel each analyze the latest offer and discuss the importance of today's events.

- Ryan Kennedy of The Hockey News discusses how to make the CWHL — the Canadian Women's Hockey League — grow.

- Kyle Woodlief of USA Today argues that the upcoming draft class will be one of the deepest in decades.

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would it be slap in face or a bonus if Markov dosent return?
Already ave log jam on d and will his knee hold out for this and the 2013-14 season??
Habs unlikely to conend this year and Beaulieu/Tinordi/Ellis likely close to ready by next fall (1 or 2 of them anyways).
So if Markov leaves so be it and could be positive in long run.

'When asked about the threats made by some of his countrymen'. Hold on, he said its a difficult question to answer. Where does it say HE may not return? He is saying players want a fair deal. The assumption is if some countrymen feel it’s not a fair deal they might stay. I'm still looking for the part where he says "I will not go back if it’s not a fair deal". My take is that his entire response is in context of 'the threats by his countrymen' not his own personal situation. Maybe it’s the translation from French to English or maybe its just the media distorting facts once again.


It would be a slap in the face to an organization that extended a generous contract to him in spite of health issues and fan base that has been patient with him. The future is just that, the future. In the present, he is still an asset.


They don't quote every word he said in the article, but the first line bluntly states:

"Andrei Markov a déclaré qu'il ne savait pas s'il retournerait dans la Ligue nationale advenant la fin du lock-out."

In short, he says he doesn't know if he will return to the NHL.

@Louis then why didn't they quote exactly what he said? Seems like a silly way to say it, paraphrasing. Then they quote something that has no bearing to HIS decision. Maybe I've been watching too much US politics but people are supposed to be clear on facts and show proof. Or maybe I just don't believe anything until I see it myself. Lets see if he denies this statement.

Not that it necessarily means much, but Dave Stubbs spoke to Markov today, after this story came out, and he denied it...saying he's fully committed to the Habs and will return as soon as the NHL is back in business.


sorry, of course would be slap in face of organization, but i just meant it might not be a terrible thing, especially for long term development of the young d-men, as Markov will not be around when the Habs finally have depth and scoring to compete for a cup.

None of them can stay unless they retire. The KHL has already come out and said they will respect all NHL contracts once the lockout is over.
It's all nonsense as usual.
It makes the players look kind of stupid saying that when the league has publicly said they can't stay.
It makes the media outlet look just as stupid for not doing their homework or intentionally choosing to ignore the facts.


That's fair. There is an argument to be made that Markov's absence could provide some benefits, especially for some younger players.

In quotes Markov says he's not sure but also says he fully comitted to the NHL. Oh and it also says he doesn't understand what all the buzz was about in MTL. In my opinion the Journalist who 'broke' the initial story either didn't ask the right questions or ignored the facts.

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