Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NHL Winter Classic In Peril, Wayne Simmonds, HA Mailbag, More

Honestly, I never thought it would come to this point.

But now it truly appears that the NHL Winter Classic — as well as the rest of the season — is in serious jeopardy.

In fact, a formal cancellation is expected on Friday.

326 games have already been cancelled.

Habs and Hockey News

- We are going to feature a mailbag segment later this week where we — Kamal, Sean and myself — will discuss whatever you throw our way, so be sure to drop us a line via Twitter.

- With the season in peril, Stu Hackel lays the blame on the league and its "take it or leave it" approach to negotiations.

- Former NHLPA director Paul Kelly believes expansion could help end the current labor stalemate.

- Wayne Simmonds was victim of racist remarks while playing in a Czech League contest.

(Photo from Wikipedia/AndrewHorne)


Has anyone even watched those aamerican outdoor games?
I have watched the 2 the Habs were in and that is it (and both kind of sucked, other than being a bit of throwback) couldnt care less if never had another. The odd one in Canada might be OK, but every year? i guess if there are profits to be squeezed from it, the greedy will beat it like a rented mule till she dies eh?

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