Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dominik Hasek the Best?, NHLers in Offbeat Places, CBA, More

Dominik Hasek - Detroit Red Wings v Dallas Stars - Game Six
Good AM Hockey fans!

As you know by now, yesterday, Dominik Hasek formally announced his retirement at 45 years of age.

During his career, he won a mind-boggling six Vezina trophies, three William M. Jennings trophies, two Hart trophies and two Lester B. Pearson awards. On top of that, you can add two Stanley Cup rings and an Olympic gold medal.

In short, he has a pretty strong case for being viewed as the best goaltender of all time. At the very least, he certainly was the best of his era.

Where would you rank him all time?

Habs and Hockey News

- In light of Dominik Hasek's retirement, TSN compares him to some other greats of the last generation.

- As many regular readers know, I am hugely interested in players winding up in off-beat places during the lockout. For example, Wojtek Wolski is in the Polish league while Dustin Jeffrey has found himself in the Netherlands. In any case, Stu Hackel has a piece on that very subject today.

- Vincent Damphousse has a solution for the current labor standoff.

- Rory Boylen wonders who will help broker a much-needed compromise between the NHL and NHLPA.

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Love the Dominator.

His career as a whole is a little less dramatic than Roy's, but his numbers and accolades can't be denied.

Plus the drama was in his style, where it counts. Crazy showmanship.


His career is less dramatic than Roy's in some ways, but his style is way more dramatic.

I don't think he has the sheer numbers (Wins, shutouts) to compete with Brodeur or Roy, but in terms of sheer talent and dominance, he superseded both those goalies for a very long time.

I think there was a period of two or three years where Hasek was winning back-to-back MVP trophies, where it can be argued he was the best on the planet (for that period).

That aside, I have to agree that Roy and Brodeur are both ahead of him.

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