Thursday, October 25, 2012

Barack Obama on Lockout, Full NHL Season Not Possible, Brooklyn, More

Good AM hockey fans!

Last night, during an appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, the current president took time to answer questions submitted from viewers and the audience.

Somewhat surprisingly for a Los Angeles based television program, one individual asked about the NHL lockout.

"You guys make money because you’ve got a whole bunch of fans out there who are working really hard — they buy tickets, they’re watching on TV" Obama pleaded to both owners and players.

Somehow, though, I doubt his influence will move these negotiations forward. In fact, Gary Bettman has now conceded that playing a full NHL season is not a reality and no meetings are planned for today.

The NHL has teams in five so-called "swing states" — Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Habs and Hockey 

- Stu Hackel questions the New York Islanders eventual move to Brooklyn.

- Ryan Kennedy of The Hockey News argues that public perception of the league's lockout will eventually matter and impact the owners. Over at TSN, they wonder what enticements will be needed to bring disenchanted fans back.

- The Columbus Blue Jackets have hired long-time NHL broadcaster and executive John Davidson.

(Photo via NBC)


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