Saturday, October 6, 2012

Allan Walsh, Coach K's "What If's", Yesterday's Unexpected CBA Meeting And More...

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Yet another week has gone by without an end to the lockout and to make matters worse,the NHL regular season schedule has been cancelled up until October 24th.

With not much new being said on either side, it's interesting to see NHL player agent Allan Walsh cover the situation via twitter.

Walsh is quite possibly the most well known NHL player agent and has never shied away from sharing his thoughts through twitter.

Walsh stirred up some controversy in Montreal a few years back when he pointed out how much better Jaroslav Halak's numbers were than starting goaltender Carey Price. The comments made sense seeing as how Halak is one of Walsh's clients and, well, we all remember how each goalie did that year.

Yesterday Walsh tweeted " After spending most of the day on the phone, the one truth no one on the NHL side wants us to know- Bettman is losing control of his room". He went on to say that over the next few days he'll be sharing facts on which NHL owners don't support the lockout. According to Walsh Bettman is "feeling the heat from the owners" and is being told "we can't lose the season".

Whether you like him or hate him he's always an interesting follow on twitter (@walsha) and Toronto Star columnist Dave Feschuk wrote a piece on Walsh that is worth a read.

Habs And Hockey News

- Coach K put up an article of "What if's" over at

- Mark Ritter of The HockeyWriters wonders about the possibility of a lottery being used to determine the 2013 NHL Entry Draft

- Here is Kevin Allen of USA Today's piece on yesterday's unexpected meeting between Gary Bettman, Bill Daly and Donald and Steven Fehr

- Number 11 on the Habs Top 25 under 25 over at is Russian prospect Alexander Avtsin

- ESPN3 will be streaming at least seven KHL games starting October 9th


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