Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Quebec City, NHL Re-location, Brandon Prust, Nathan Beaulieu and More

À la veille des élections générales, une première pelletée de terre symbolique... (Photo : Yan Doublet, Le Soleil)
Good AM Hockey fans!

A few days ago, Quebec City broke ground on the construction of its new arena. A huge deal in my hometown, let me tell you.

Personally, I have always worried that the fervor surrounding this new building and the presumed return of an NHL franchise could lead to bitter dissapointment.

After all, should the NHL need to move a franchise, there are many other enticing markets where a team could land. Seattle, Portland, Kansas City, Las Vegas and Southwestern Ontario all quickly come to mind.

If a team is forced to move in the coming years, where do you think it will end up?

Habs and Hockey News

- HabsWorld takes a fantasy look at Brandon Prust.

- Habs Eyes on the Prize continues its countdown of the team's best players under 25. Today, they enter the final five with Nathan Beaulieu.

- Allan Muir of Sports Illustrated has some news and notes from around the hockey-verse. Namely, Sweden has adopted a rule allowing players to kick in goals.

- In Quebec City — just like the rest of the country — hockey and politics go hand-in-hand. P.K Péladeau claims that if a PQ government is elected, the return of the Nordiques is possible.

- You know how everything is backgrounds in Australia? That also goes for its hockey season, which recently concluded and saw Melbourne win its third straight championship.

(Photo by Yan Boulet/Le Soleil/LaPresse.ca) 


I hope Quebec City gets a team someday as it would be great to have the rivalry back.
However I suspect the election result will not help their cause. I'm not sure I see Socialists supporting rich billionaires with Govt money.
Other cities may move ahead of them for now.


Politics is more of a passing interest of mine than a well studied subject, but don't underestimate the PQ's populist leanings. A new arena and team would please the masses, making it in their best political interest to support such a project.

Nonetheless, I've long felt that other cities have been ahead of QC. Clearly, it is not the NHL's preference.

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