Friday, September 7, 2012

Josh Gorges Profile, Max Pacioretty, Lokomotiv and More

Happy Friday!

Despite whispers of low-key talks being held today, the NHL and NHLPA both seem far apart on a deal.

In fact, both sides have begun acknowledging the possibility of a lockout — including the Winnipeg Jets.

So, what will you do to get your hockey fix if the world's best league turns of its lights?

Habs and Hockey News

- Our Sean Lloyd returns with his Montreal Canadiens' player profiles, this time looking at Josh Gorges.

- EOTP counts down the top Habs under 25. In fact, they are now entering the final two with Max Pacioretty. Wonder who made number one?

- It appears Shane Doan has a deal in place with the Phoenix Coyotes, so long as the team gets sold to Greg Jamison.

- Stu Hackel argues there is still hope in spite of the pessimism surrounding CBA talks.

- The IIHF reflects on the Lokomotiv plane crash. Likewise, the aforementioned Stu Hackel also recently had a piece on the subject.


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