Sunday, September 30, 2012

Habs/Leafs Race To Contend, Letter To Fans, CBA, Barch Wants Sympathy And More...

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Well it seems hockey isn't even necessary anymore for the rivalry between the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs to strive.

Sure, the argument over who's better - although phrasing the question, who is worse? seems to be more fitting in years of late - always continues through the offseason. However, normally during the off season there is an upcoming season to look forward to which fuels the debate.

With no end of this current lockout in sight, one might think that the two proud - rand sometimes arrogant, stubborn, delusional etc... - fanbases would put their differences aside until there is actually something to argue about.

I would like to clear up that I do not mean to call Ryan Szporer arrogant, stubborn or delusional. Those were just the words that came to me when I was thinking of a way to accurately describe a handful of Habs and Buds supporters.

With that said, Szporer put up a piece on The Bleacher Report explaining why The Canadiens will be a contender before the Leafs. It's a fun unbiased article that brings up some pretty good points.

After all is said and done, do you agree with the article or do you see the Leafs making a valid run for the cup before nos glorieux?

Habs And Hockey News

- Here is an open letter to hockey fans via The Hockey Writers.

-  The two sides spent the weekend talking about smaller issues but failed to tackle the economic problems that are the core of the problem.

- Avi Goldberg, a professor at Vanier College provided All Habs Hockey Magazine with an interesting view on the NHL lockout.

- Krys Barch of the New Jersey Devils used Twitter to make a case for the NHL's lower paid players. While it may be well written, I find it hard to feel too bad for anybody making that much money. Sure his $750,000 annual salary is nowhere near the highest paid players income, but it still seems silly to compare himself to truck drivers, farmers and line workers.

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I agree the Leafs have several good players/pieces, but only 19 goals more than a Habs team missing its captain and #1 d-man/best PP guy, would qualify as better offense.
And on the backend Leafs gave up 40 more goals and lack the depth the Habs have, as well, Yemelin, Diaz, Subban are all a year older and more experianced.

Habs will be having quality d-men being called up for years to come with a long list of AHL/NCAA/CHL/SEL defensive prospects turning pro.
And 2012 maybe the best draft ever for Habs, while i agree Galchenyuk and Reilly may be a wash and think Reilly could be a super d-man (a Coffey-like player maybe); Bozon, Hudon, Thrower, Vail were unmatched as a highly ranked group to be chosen.
All in all the Habs have a much rosier future and may struggle in 2012-13, but dont expect a top ten draft slot and with the Tinordi's, Leblanc's, Gallagher's likely challanging for spots in 13-14; contender status is not that far off.


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