Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Habs add John Madden, Luongo to Panthers, Free Agency and More

John Madden - Florida Panthers v New Jersey Devils - Game Six
Good AM Habs fans!

Yesterday it was announced that former NHL centre John Madden will join the Montreal Canadiens' amateur recruitment group. More specifically, he will be responsible for scouting free agents in the US collegiate ranks.

This is what appears to be another solid move by Marc Bergevin.

And yet, I have some reservations. Reservations not about Madden individually, but rather about the amount of former players hired by the General Manager.

After all, being a former player hardly guarantees competency in management or scouting related positions. In this case, I fear that their might be too many individuals who share the same backgrounds and perspectives.

A homogeneity which can stifle creative and innovative decision making. After all, studies show that diverse work groups make better decisions.

What do you think? Are there too many former players on Bergevin's management team?

Habs and Hockey news

- Mathieu Darche shares his perspective on CBA negotiations and talks about his future in hockey.

- Rory Boylen profiles the intense, and at times insane, reaction of fans in regards to the pending lockout and hockey in general.

- Roberto Luongo rather bluntly states his preference for returning to the Florida Panthers.

- Pierre LeBrun reports that the NHL would like to move the opening of free agency to July 10th.

- Did you know that the French Women's National Team toured in Montreal last week? Neither did I.

- Finally, a bit of good news. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, the Russian team involved in an unfortunate plane crash last year, has made its return to the KHL.

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images North America)


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