Saturday, September 15, 2012

Doan Signs, Lockout Explanation, Canada/Russia Series And More...

Good Morning Addicts!

This morning I will lead off with the Doan signing for the simple reason of putting it behind us. Hockey talk this summer has been limited to the pending lock out and the mystery of where Doan will sign to end his career.

My eagerness to put this story to bed is not a form of disrespect. Doan has put up respectful numbers throughout his career and done so while playing with a hard nosed style. While his decison to stay in Phoenix will be judged and for the most part ridiculed by fans throughout the league you can't help but respect his loyalty to the only franchise he's played for in his 14 year career.

My rush to get this over with simply stems from confusion. I never would've guessed that a less than stellar bruiser who is less than a month away from his 36th birthday would cause this much of a fuss throughout the duration of an entire off-season.

Habs And Hockey News

- The one negative aspect of the Doan saga coming to an end is that the only distraction from the CBA talks has escaped us. With that being said, there's a fun piece over at Puck Daddy giving tips on how to explain the whole lockout ordeal to your non hockey friends.

- It seems the NHLPA are already looking into ways to keep the players active while the higher ups butt heads. There is talk of a possible Canada/Russia series that would take place in December.

- Detroit, Dallas and Washington were among the teams beating the lockout buzzer and making a few last minute deals.

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