Sunday, September 23, 2012

Detroit Red Wings Fined, Boogard's Family, Habs Prospects and More

Happy Sunday hockey fans!

Obviously, this Sunday would be even more glorious if we could be talking about training camps and some hot-shot rookie making a name for himself.

For the meantime, however, we will have to content ourselves with the pleasant fall weather and the news roundup.

But, as far as news roundups go, its a good one this morning.

Habs and Hockey News

- Don't forget to read our Bryan Willey's great plea to the NHLPA. Elsewhere, USA Today has a great day-to-day breakdown of the lockout.

- Also, your humble correspondent was on Ottawa radio on Friday, if you want to have a listen.

- HabsWorld continues its prospect rankings, counting down from 30 to 26.

- Jim Devellano and the Detroit Red Wings have been fined by the NHL. I know many are not fond of the gag order imposed on NHL owners, but it must be said that Devellano was less-than-eloquent in this instance.

- Derek Boogard's family is reportedly suing the NHLPA for over $9 million dollars.

- Ken Campbell shares some various notes, including an interesting development with the new NHL-sized arena in Markham, in The Hockey News.

- Pierre LeBrun chats with Martin Brodeur, who has been part of four work stoppages in his illustrious career.

- Stu Hackel looks at how the OHL's new fighting bans will benefit the NHL.


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