Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cole Nursing Injury, Kristo Gets Another Game, Winter Classic Canceled? And More...

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It seems the the current lockout isn't all bad for Canadiens fans. Okay fine, trying to find any posistives that come from a shortened - if not canceled - season is kind of reaching but at this point we can use some optimism.

In an interview with Dave Stubbs, Erik Cole talks about an injury he suffered either at the end of the season or during an April workout. Suffering a "lower body" injury, Cole may not have been ready for the beginning of training camp or even the pre-season.

That's right, the prospect of starting the season without one of the team's top producers last season is the possible silver lining to the delayed start of the 2012-13 season. This lockout has officially begun to have me desperate to find any good news on the NHL front.

Habs And Hockey News

- A report out of the Toronto Star claims that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman plans on canceling the Winter Classic if an agreement isn't reached by November.

- The Los Angeles Kings will have 52 names engraved on the Stanley Cup, look here to find out who will be left off.

- Habs prospect Danny Kristo received an additional game suspension following a team party on September 15th

- TMZ reported friday night that the family of the late Derek Boogaard is suing the NHLPA for money remaining on his contract. Sportsnet however has reported that the NHLPA has yet to be served.

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