Monday, September 3, 2012

CBA Talks, Overpaid NHLers, Summit Series and More

Gary Bettman - 2012 NHL Entry Draft - Round OneHappy Labour Day hockey fans!

Speaking of labour, as you well now by now CBA talks between the NHL and NHLPA have been put on hold and no further sessions are currently scheduled

Naturally, each side went into blame mode, quickly trying to assign responsibility to the other group for the stalling of the talks. 

If these negotiations have show us anything, it's that both sides believe it is of capital importance to win the public relations battle. As Scott Burnside accurately points out, it's high time to get over right or wrong

Could not agree more with his assessment. The blame game is superfluous and counterproductive. Besides, from my perspective, everyone involved here is an idiot equally deserving of blame — especially if there is another lockout. 

Because, clearly, if you can't find a way to divvy up over $3 billion in revenues made from playing a mere game, then you are an idiot. 

Meanwhile, fans risk the loss of their beloved sport. And those in the many related industries — arenas, operations, food and beverage, writing — risk losing some of their livelihood. 

Habs and Hockey News

- Our Fred Poulin lists the NHL's top 20 overpaid players. We all know Scott Gomez is there, but two other former Habs made his list as well. Can you guess who? 

- HabsWorld's Fantasy Focus continues, looking Danish centre Lars Eller

- Red Fisher takes a look back at the Summit Series, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary today. 

- Famed Yugoslavian club Acroni Jesenice — winner of 32 league titles — has folded. Their junior club notably included Anze Kopitar amongst its alumni. 

- You know how the Phoenix Coyotes were supposed to move, like, 25 times so far? As USA Today points out, the beleaguered franchise has some pretty incredible staying power

- Finally, USA today takes a look at some fan-lead campaigns against an NHL Lockout.

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