Saturday, September 1, 2012

CBA Talks On Hold, Prust Spotlight, Rookie Showcase Recap And More...

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After meeting twice this week, it seems that September 15th will come and go without a new CBA as the NHL and the players association have put an end to discussions for the time being.

After the NHL's most recent proposal, commissioner Gary Bettman stated the the players association made no counter proposal and that talks will resume when either side has something to say, but until there is a willingness to discuss moving forward on the issue of economics there is nothing to be said.

Both sides claim there is still a chance for a new CBA to be hammered out by the September 15th deadline but realistically it seems that fans will need to find something else to watch in October.

Do you feel there is a chance that the 2101-13 season will begin on time? I would love to be optimistic but find it hard to believe at this point.

Habs and Hockey News

- Brandon Prust finds himself in the spotlight over at

- Yesterday, Habs legend Jean Beliveau celebrated his 81st birthday. Here's an article by Dave Stubbs focusing on his road to recovery after suffering a stroke six months ago.

- Eric Engels views defense as the Habs key to improving in the upcoming season

- On August 27-28, the NHLPA held their fourth annual rookie showcase. Alex Galchenyuk, Nathan Beaulieu and Jarred Tinordi were there to represent the Canadiens. Here's a recap


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